Advanced Materials and Information Technology Processing

Volumes 271-273

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Bo Chao Wang, Hua Gao

Abstract: This paper discusses the definition, characteristics of China English and its inevitability of being accepted as a new member of the world...

Authors: Lei Wang, Bao Yu Zheng, Jing Wu Cui

Abstract: Based on the synthesis and analysis of recursive receivers, new algorithms are proposed to achieve satisfactory performance with moderate...

Authors: Ying Lei Zhao, Zhao Gang Liu, Wei Wei Jia, Ying Yu, Shi Lei Jiang

Abstract: Forest ecosystems provide a lot of service functions which are not only sustainable conditions for life, but also the material foundation...

Authors: Heng Liu, Zhao Yang Zeng, Chao Wu

Abstract: For the purpose of discussing the potentiality of composite materials in information protecting, the microwave transmitting properties of...

Authors: Heng Liu, Zhao Yang Zeng, Chao Wu

Abstract: As a kind of information protecting technology, material compositing becomes more and more important. The microwave properties of composite...

Authors: Yi Qun Chen, Li Qiu Zhang

Abstract: ERP-Enterprise Resource Planning is an advanced management tool, which can provide effective service for enterprise purchasing...

Authors: Gan Miao Zhou

Abstract: This document explains and demonstrates the basics of how email is work on the Internet. By analyzing the working process of e-mail, it try...

Authors: Shou Qiang Chen, Jian Min Zhang, Meng He Zhang

Abstract: The evaluation system of constitution in Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) is designed by relational-like data base Access, based on...

Authors: Yu Tang Guo, Chang Gang Han

Abstract: Due to the existing of the semantic gap, images with the same or similar low level features are possibly different on semantic level. How to...

Authors: Yong Ning Zou, Jue Wang, Jian Wei Li

Abstract: The rapid development of Graphic Processor Units (GPU) in recent years in terms of performance and programmability has attracted the...


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