Advanced Materials and Information Technology Processing

Volumes 271-273

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jun Qin, Ping Zong, Jian Ping Zhang

Abstract: According to mobile Ad hoc networks’ self-organizing, multi-hop and dynamic changed topology, these characteristics made it impossible that...

Authors: Qiao Lian Wang, Wei Liu, Cai Xia Gao, Fu Zhong Wang

Abstract: In order to ensure the safety production of coal industry and improve the security of coal mine power supply system, CAN bus based...

Authors: Dong Feng Nie, Yun Du

Abstract: There exists a huge social demand for college sports management system software, in order to more conveniently process the increasing sports...

Authors: Xi Huang, Ping Wang, Zong Huang Weng, Xiao Zhang, Wei Han Zhong

Abstract: In this paper a pipelined array of neurons based on the micro-program controller is proposed as the BP network control circuit...

Authors: Wei He, Wei Hua Sun

Abstract: In this paper, A multi-sensor technique integrated tag is presented. This tag is integrated with UHF (920-925MHz) RFID tag, HF (13.56 MHz)...

Authors: Bao Gui Tang, Gang Chen, Ji Chang Jian, Jian Dong Zhang

Abstract: Bachelor thesis is an important part of personnel training, and its quality is an important measure of the quality of teaching level and...

Authors: Ping Zong, Jun Qin

Abstract: This paper analyses the hidden terminal and exposed terminal problems on MAC layer which increase the probability of data collision and...

Authors: Hong Yu Feng, Jian Ping Wang, Yan Pei Liu

Abstract: With the development of computer network and information, digital product is more and more popular. So the problem of protecting the digital...

Authors: Yong Cheng Wu

Abstract: Modern science and technology is a "double-edged sword". On the one hand, it not only improved competitive sports continuously created new...

Authors: Yong Cheng Wu

Abstract: Sports insurance originates in the nature of sports-high risk, and its basic position in the sports industry is determined by its...


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