Advanced Manufacturing Technology, ADME 2011

Volumes 314-316

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jin Hu Dong

Abstract: Injection CAE technology has been used very widely, but value of CAE technology in engineering application has not been fully exerted....

Authors: Kwang Il Lee, A.G. Nanda Kumar, Seung Han Yang

Abstract: In this paper, the novel measurement system for estimating the six geometric error of rotary table has been proposed. This system...

Authors: Wei Qiang Gao, Chao Ting Qing, Ze Hua Hu, Zou Ya Huang

Abstract: Recently, the application of fieldbus is becoming a trend in the development of CNC system towards decentralisation, network and multi-axis...

Authors: Yao Man Zhang, Qi Wei Liu, Sheng Zhong, Jia Liang Han

Abstract: It’s always an important means of measuring and improving the performance of machine tools with spindle error test and error analysis. Based...

Authors: Xin Chen, Guo Qing Ding, Li Hua Lei, Yuan Li

Abstract: A multiple probes scanning system comprised of two displacement sensors and one angle sensor is studied for ultra-precise profile...

Authors: You Ming Jiang, Yi Huang Zhang, Yun Feng He, Hui Yu Xiang, Jun Ci Cao

Abstract: Considering the impact and the vibration that add to its driving system when high-speed MU running in the complex conditions, the rotor...

Authors: Li Du, Wei Wang, Zhi Yong Song, Jie Xiong Ding

Abstract: Thin-walled parts are widely used in aerospace engineering. For their complexity under loading and the higher shape precision, it’s...

Authors: Wan Zhu Liu, Qiang Liu, Ge Gao, Xue Yan

Abstract: The influence of radius ratio of cutting point and cutter on cutting force and stability during end milling process is presented in this...

Authors: Hong Ping Luo, Zhi Xiong Zhou, Yong Jun Zhang, Zhong Ning Guo

Abstract: Wire electrical discharge machining (Wire EDM) cutting of flexures for a rotary flexural bearing fabrication is developed. The results of...

Authors: Kai Zhu Li, Shi Xiong Wu

Abstract: In order to decrease the radial amout of cutting depth in high speed milling,optimized arc transition has been proposed in corner milling...


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