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Authors: Feng Yun Yu, Ming Jun Feng, Ming Jun Dai, Hong Jiang Sun
High-Speed/Precision Machining and Inspection Technology
Abstract:High-speed cutting technology is widely used in aviation, mold, automotive industries and other fields for its high machining efficiency,...
Authors: Hu Huang, Hong Wei Zhao, Jie Yang, Shun Guang Wan, Jie Mi, Cheng Li Shi, Ying Kun Yuan, Zhi Chao Ma, Zhao Jun Yang
High-Speed/Precision Machining and Inspection Technology
Abstract:In this paper, a miniaturization nanoindentation and scratch device was developed. Finite element analysis was carried out to study static...
Authors: Chih Wei Hsu, Feng Tsai Weng, Chi Ting Ho
Micro-Machining Technology
Abstract:In this paper, we proposed a method to fabricate a D-shaped optical fiber of Bragg surface grating filter component by D-shaped fiber...
Authors: Jin Feng Zhang, Ya Dong Gong, Yue Ming Liu, Jun Cheng, Xue Long Wen
Micro-Machining Technology
Abstract:This paper presents mechanisms studies of micro scale milling operation focusing on micro cutter edge radius. To address this issue, the tool...
Authors: Samykano Mahendran, Ismail Fazli, Sawalingam Thinesh Chander
Micro-Machining Technology
Abstract:The development of new, advanced engineering materials and the need for precise flexible prototypes and low volume production have made...
Authors: Bin Xu, Xiao Yu Wu, Feng Luo, Chen Lin Du, Xiu Quan Sun
Micro-Machining Technology
Abstract:To address the mainstream technology of UV-LIGA combined with micro-electroforming which could only fabricate micro-moulds cavity with...
Authors: Nv Ting Fu, Ke Zhao, Min Zhao, Yan Xiong
Micro-Machining Technology
Abstract:In this paper, use the basic principles of near infrared to detect the spectral characteristics of apple, as the research object of Fuji...
Authors: Xin Ye, Zhi Jing Zhang, Xiao Feng Zhang
Micro-Machining Technology
Abstract:In order to precisely get the assembly statement when two micro-mechanical parts are touching, assembly methods mapping the nonlinear...
Authors: Jumril Yunas, Yeop Majlis Burhanuddin
Micro-Machining Technology
Abstract:A new planar micro-transformer having sandwich spiral coil structure is fabricated using MEMS micro-fabrication technique. Stack interwinding...
Authors: Rui Ning Huang, Yun Jiang Lou, Ze Xiang Li
Micro-Machining Technology
Abstract:A Micro Wire Electrical Discharge Machining (MWEDM) prototype is developed for fabricating micro complex parts. It mainly includes granite...
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