Advanced Manufacturing Technology, ADME 2011

Volumes 314-316

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yun Xia Ye, Zhong Wu, Hai Bing Guan

Abstract: Experiments were performed to study the influence of light leakage from Q-switched laser on laser-induced shock wave. Through changing the...

Authors: Gen Zhe Huang, Zeng Hui Li, Jian Yin Tang

Abstract: Laser surface modification, using a continuous wave CO2 crosscurrent laser with generated beam power of 1 kW, was performed on the adamite...

Authors: Ling Lin Shen, Shi Hong Shi, Ge Yan Fu, Lei Liu

Abstract: Repeated impact tests on a 1Cr18Ni9Ti sample and a 1Cr18Ni9Ti sample with Ni-2 laser cladding coating are done and grade test data were...

Authors: Xin Xing Wang, Jin Yun Zhou, Liang Lei, Qing Hua Lin, Ying Shi, Long Hua Mei

Abstract: As the higher and higher demand for image definition of flat-panel display (FPD), the minimum linewidth of pixel electrode, which is based...

Authors: Ying Shi, Jin Yun Zhou, Liang Lei, Qing Hua Lin, Xin Xing Wang, Long Hua Mei

Abstract: There has been many ways of finding out the focal plane of laser projection imaging system. However we use a new aligning way to get the...

Authors: Mu Chun Wang, Hsin Chia Yang

Abstract: The positive-bias temperature instability (PBTI) test is one of effective reliability evaluation tests in negative-channel...

Authors: Mu Chun Wang, Hsin Chia Yang

Abstract: Thin-film transistors (TFT) usually exhibit non-uniform electrical characteristics fabricated by the identical process because of the...

Authors: Mu Chun Wang, Hsin Chia Yang

Abstract: Continuous-wave green laser-crystallized (CLC) single-grainlike polycrystalline silicon n-channel thin-film transistors (poly-Si n-TFTs)...

Authors: Xiao Zhu Xie, Fu Min Huang, Xin Wei, Wei Hu, Qing Lei Ren, Xue Rui Yuan

Abstract: To establish the green laser ablation process more accurately, a detailed knowledge of the exact value of ablation threshold is of great...

Authors: An Feng Zhang, Wei Fu, Di Chen Li, Zhong Liang Lu, Gang Xian Zhu, Qiao Pan Lu

Abstract: In laser direct metal manufacturing process by coaxial powder feeding, the interaction between powder and forming sample will occur forming...


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