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Authors: Shuai Guo, Z.N Guo, Hong Ping Luo, Wen Cai Gu
Micro-Machining Technology
Abstract:The mechanism of the elctrochemical mechanical polishing (ECMP) technology for micro tool electrode was investigated. In this paper, suitable...
Authors: Xin Quan Zhang, A. Senthil Kumar, Mustafizur Rahman
Micro-Machining Technology
Abstract:The elliptical vibration cutting (EVC) technique has been found to be a promising technique for ultraprecision machining of various...
Authors: Yasmina Kerboua Ziari, Lotfi Ziani, Ahmed Benzaoui
Micro-Machining Technology
Abstract:Keywords: Hydrogen, Solar, Hydrogen Production, Electrolysis, Photovoltaic Panel, Simulation Abstract. Hydrogen is regarded as the potential...
Authors: Qing Liang Zeng, Lian Min Cao, Xi Wei Wang
Laser Processing Technology
Abstract:This thesis makes in-depth study on product assembly costs in the theoretical basis of feature mappings and cost estimation method of...
Authors: Chang Jun Chen, Qin Cao, Xing Xu, Min Zhang
Laser Processing Technology
Abstract:The aim of this work was to improve the surface layer properties of the Mg-Al-Zn cast ZM5 magnesium alloys by melting and preplaced Al powder...
Authors: Chang Liang Lu, Fang You Hu, Xu Ren Huang, De Xian Yi, Ai Yong Cui, Bin Hu, Peng Fei Fu
Laser Processing Technology
Abstract:The paper presents a study of renovation of aerial aluminum alloy (LY12CZ) by laser melt casting with Al matrix composite powder. The...
Authors: Ai Xin Feng, Gui Feng Nie, Fen Shi, Chuan Chao Xu, Huai Yang Sun, Peng Cheng Zhou, Jun Wei Wang
Laser Processing Technology
Abstract:In order to study the dynamic response of metal of laser shock processing, dynamic strain curves of AM60 Magnesium alloy during laser shock...
Authors: Mu Chun Wang, Hsin Chia Yang
Laser Processing Technology
Abstract:The deterioration of continuous-wave green laser-crystallized (CLC) single-grainlike polycrystalline silicon n-channel thin-film transistors...
Authors: Li Tao Qi
Laser Processing Technology
Abstract:Experiment on ablation of silicon wafer on different crystallographic facet planes by single laser pulse irradiation was carried out with a...
Authors: Yu Fan, Philip Shipway, Geoff Tansley, Zheng Chen
Laser Processing Technology
Abstract:Distortion is one type of defect in the weld, which is troublesome for some reasons, especially in thin plate welding. Distortion was found...
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