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Authors: Jozef Maščeník, Stefan Gaspar
Laser Processing Technology
Abstract:Production of components, necessary for the construction of the machine resp. or device is a demanding manufacturing process. One of the...
Authors: Yi Xie, Shuang Fu Suo, Yong Jian Li, Fang Jun Ge, Yu Ming Wang
Laser Processing Technology
Abstract:Mechanical seal face texturing has the advantage of improving mechanical seal performance, such as improving opening force, reducing friction...
Authors: Bin Huang, Ya Zheng Liu, Le Yu Zhou, Guo Wei Li, Dan Zhang
Laser Processing Technology
Abstract:In order to analyze the key factor to affect fatigue life of drill tools, fracture morphology and microstructure of defect samples made of...
Authors: Peng Yao, Ya Dong Gong, Suo Xian Yuan, Tian Feng Zhou, Ji Wang Yan, Tunemoto Kuriyagawa
Laser Processing Technology
Abstract:To grind fused silica in ductile mode, surface and subsurface micro cracks (SSMC) on ground fused silica should be repaired by CO2 laser...
Authors: Yu Heng Wang, Feng Liu, Xiang Hua Zhang, Sheng Ding
Laser Processing Technology
Abstract:In laser process and laser scientific experiments it is an important research method to investigate analogy of physical parameters between...
Authors: Yi Zhao, Yang Li, Ren Qiang Li
Bionic Mechanisms and Bio-Manufacturing
Abstract:A new Mn-SOD gene encoding 202 amino acids was cloned from genomic DNA of Bacillus subtilis ATCC 9372 for construction of a genetic...
Authors: Hong Bin Li, Shu Cheng Xu
Bionic Mechanisms and Bio-Manufacturing
Abstract:The plastic work temperature will increase with work piece compressing. But it is difficult to difine the coefficient of plastic work...
Authors: Qing Ke Yuan, Ya Nan Du, Yao Ding, Tong Le Wang
Bionic Mechanisms and Bio-Manufacturing
Abstract:Ball screw is an important part in the machine tool feeding system. This paper researches on the ball screw, establishes the 3D virtual...
Authors: Da Li Liu, Chang Juan Jing, Yuan Yuan Liu, Qing Xi Hu
Bionic Mechanisms and Bio-Manufacturing
Abstract:Electrospinning is kind of unique craft to fabricate nanoscale fiber in the condition of high-voltage electric field. However, due to the...
Authors: Hai Jing Huang, Zu Wu, Li Hui Zi Zhi
Bionic Mechanisms and Bio-Manufacturing
Abstract:After a long evolution and natural selection, the creatures in the nature mostly have a graceful shape, reasonable structure and unique...
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