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Authors: Rui Li, Yu Jun Liu, Kunihiro Hamada
Digital Manufacture and Management
Abstract:Manufacturing of ship piping systems is one of the major production activities in shipbuilding. The schedule of pipe production has an...
Authors: Yan Yan Zhang, Cheng Su, Yong Shang, Zhong Xue Li
Digital Manufacture and Management
Abstract:Since most traditional manufacturing cell design methods and some involved algorithms developed in the past few years always investigate the...
Authors: Hao En Chueh, Chang Yi Kao, Chin Shyurng Fahn
Digital Manufacture and Management
Abstract:The complexity of transportation services expands to a service-oriented transportation framework. Generally, transportation vehicles often...
Authors: Jian Xin Liu, Han Guo Cui, Xing Dai
Digital Manufacture and Management
Abstract:To ensure the security and integrity of three dimensional point clouds model during transmission in the network, according to their own...
Authors: Jia Hai Wang, Wen Tao Gong
Digital Manufacture and Management
Abstract:Discrete machine manufacture enterprises have to induce new low-carbon manufacturing model in order to solve a dilemma of mutual restraint...
Authors: Zhan Tao Li, Qing Xin Chen, Ning Mao
Digital Manufacture and Management
Abstract:Based on a background to the mould job shop, this paper considers a two-stage flexible flow shop scheduling problem subject to release dates,...
Authors: Yong Lu, Jian Guang Li, Dong Gao, Feng Zhou
Digital Manufacture and Management
Abstract:Heavy-duty NC machine tool is difficult and costly to evidently improve their precision via manufacturing technology only. It is proved being...
Authors: Gui Wen Yu
Digital Manufacture and Management
Abstract:In order to set up a new effective method for measuring mechanical properties of the wood-plastics structural plates with stiffener, three...
Authors: Yu Wang, Jun Qing Gao, En Chen
Digital Manufacture and Management
Abstract:In this paper the model of a double wishbone independent suspension was established by using ADAMS\view as an analysis platform and the...
Authors: Xiao Xu Xu, Zhe Hong, Yong Peng Yu, Yan Wei Zhang
Digital Manufacture and Management
Abstract:The suffocation technology of cross linked polystyrene (PS) spheres with bigger particle size was studied. The influence of swelling agent...
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