Advanced Manufacturing Technology, ADME 2011

Volumes 314-316

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiao Dan Hu, Shao Hong Wang, Zhao Xia Hou

Abstract: Two kinds of oligofluorenes containing acetylene units are synthesized by Sonogashira coupling reaction. naphthalene and anthracene are...

Authors: Dao Yuan Yu, San Qiang Zhang, Xin Yu Shao, Sheng Qiang Liu, Yu Hui Tian

Abstract: This paper proposes a new algorithm of gravity-like mechanism and a multistage buffer for the car sequencing problem. The algorithm utilizes...

Authors: Qin Tang, Yi Jian Huang

Abstract: Abstract: The evolution of the screening efficiency for the probability screen was given in this paper. Trispectrum based on AR model was...

Authors: Bo Ming Zhang, Lin Zhao

Abstract: A progressive damage and failure model for fiber reinforced laminated composites is developed in combination of finite element procedure and...

Authors: Dong Gen Cai, Tian Rui Zhou

Abstract: The data processing and conversion plays an important role in RP processes in which the choice of data format determines data processing...

Authors: Hua Guo, Lin Zhang, Fei Tao

Abstract: As a new manufacturing paradigm, cloud manufacturing (CMfg) is proposed to realize the added-value and on-demand use of manufacturing...

Authors: Xiang Yun Wan, Hao Yang, Lan Hui Sun, Hao Min Tian, Zhan Feng Huang

Abstract: At present, gas disaster is one of the main problems for Chinese coal industry. The prevention and control of gas accident is an important...

Authors: Wei Zhang, Xiang Shi, Dong Bo Li

Abstract: In this paper, the surface shapes of roller followers and spiral groove are researched. General surface equations of different types of...

Authors: Jing Song, Bi Xi Zhang, Ying Ying Guan

Abstract: Because of the self-balancing and self-organizing properties of Bucket Brigades, it is well known by most scholars both at home and abroad....

Authors: Zu Hong Liang, Qing Xin Chen, Ning Mao

Abstract: This paper aims to investigate the workgroup-based manpower planning for multi-type staff collaboration. For customization-based equipment...


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