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Authors: Liang Wang, Yang Bing Wen, De Ping Sun, Yao Mao, Yuan Jun Yao
Digital Manufacture and Management
Abstract:Effect of wood pulp fiber and filler on the mechanical properties and harmful substance of reconstituted tobacco sheet were investigated....
Authors: Zheng Wu Sun, Wen Feng Li, Wei Song, Peng Jiang
Digital Manufacture and Management
Abstract:The means of gathering information of manufacturing supply chain information sharing platform at the present stage are traditional and affect...
Authors: Er Bao, Xue Ye Ang, De Yong Liu
Digital Manufacture and Management
Abstract:A new method of shaking moment balancing of force balanced linkages is presented in this paper. The shaking moment balancing is gained based...
Authors: Parinya Kaweegitbundit
Digital Manufacture and Management
Abstract:This paper considers single machine scheduling problem. The objective is to determine sum of earliness and tardiness cost has been minimized....
Authors: Jia Wen Wang, Ching Hsue Cheng
Digital Manufacture and Management
Abstract:This paper practically collects manufacturing supplier dataset in Taiwan. The dataset includes production records, and there are 18...
Authors: Yin Hui Ao
The Internet of Things
Abstract:Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) is becoming to be employed by many manufacturing factories. Performance prediction and multi objectives...
Authors: Yin Hua Liu, Yang Yang
The Internet of Things
Abstract:The process monitoring and diagnosis in assembly process is important. Multivariate T2 control charts are applied to detect the mean shift...
Authors: Jian Li, Yun Hui Yan, Xing Hui Guo, Yan Qing Wang
The Internet of Things
Abstract:A method of combining theoretical analysis with numerical simulation is presented to achieve real-time vibration control of steel strip...
Authors: Yun Xia Hou, Qian Wang, Qiang Feng, Cheng Zu Ren
The Internet of Things
Abstract:Honing is an abrasive machining process that produces a precision surface on a workpiece and widely used in manufacturing engine cylinder...
Authors: Mu Chun Wang, Hsin Chia Yang
The Internet of Things
Abstract:An adequate measurement metrology to nondestructively verify the integrity of dielectric gap-fill in a deep trench (DT) capacitor of...
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