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Authors: Yan Wang, Wei Guo Lin, Hong Xu, Tao Liu
The Internet of Things
Abstract:Aiming at the difficulty of measuring orientation degree of polymer material online, a soft-sensing approach based on ultrasonic velocity...
Authors: Xin Ning, Li Pu Ning, Bin Feng Yang, Feng Tian, Xin Hua Mao
The Internet of Things
Abstract:In this thesis, the digital figure of the defect of the casting elements is extracted by PCA. And a new method that simplifies the automatic...
Authors: Xiao Bo Wang, Xiao Mei Song
The Internet of Things
Abstract:Analysis for the process of piston’s production is very important for finding problems in the production chain. SPC is used to analyze the...
Authors: Liang Chen, Qiang Liu, Xiao Hua Li
The Internet of Things
Abstract:This paper presents an approach to diagnose and improve the quality management process based on workflow mining technology. In order to...
Authors: Fei Ma, Yong Li, Zhi Ming Song
The Internet of Things
Abstract:Descaling nozzles, generator of high-speed waterjets, are key components in high-pressure waterjet descaling system. Jet performance of the...
Authors: Shao Qun Zhang, Jun Hua, Wei Xu
The Internet of Things
Abstract:the paper analyzes reason for the higher uncertainty in the planeness measurement of wood-working machine tools by leveling ruler with...
Authors: Xi Yong Zou, Bin Rui Wang, Qi Hu, Wei Kang Lu
The Internet of Things
Abstract:Parameter testing is the most important process during ballast production, only the products whose parameters conformed to the standard could...
Authors: Yong Hui Wang, Huan Liang Sun, Jing Ke Xu
The Internet of Things
Abstract:With the development of RFID technology, we can identify, locate, track and monitor items in supply chain, retail store, and asset management...
Authors: Lin Yu Xiong, Yan Hua Zhang
The Internet of Things
Abstract:Effect of weld metal hardening property on the deformation behavior and crack driving force of strength mismatched welded joint with crack...
Authors: Wei Zhi Wang
The Internet of Things
Abstract:By only applying a after the event exam in the quality control of the batch production is not enough to meet the needs of modern large-scale...
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