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Authors: Ying Sun, Sheng Hua Ye, Ying Ye
The Internet of Things
Abstract:The paper presented the Medical Wireless Sensor Network model with combining battery energy, environment energy and human body energy to...
Authors: Ying Bin Fu, Ping Yu Jiang, Yong Li
The Internet of Things
Abstract:Real-time monitoring is an important function for manufacturing execution systems (MES). In order to acquire the real-time data information,...
Authors: Yi Xian Qian, Li Bao Yang, Fang Rong Hu, Xue Ting Hong
The Internet of Things
Abstract:Modulation transfer function resulting from random vibration was analyzed. To conclude that the effect of angular displacement was the major...
Authors: Song Xiang Qin, Yang Lin Li
The Internet of Things
Abstract:According to the working characteristics of working device of WDJ25 multi-functional undercover excavator, the study had calculated and...
Authors: An Chen Lee, Tzu Wei Kuo, Zeng Lien Lee
The Internet of Things
Abstract:Advanced process control (APC) has been recognized as a proper tool for maximizing profitability of semiconductor manufacturing facilities by...
Authors: Ying Wang, Fen Fen Ren, Cheng Zhang
The Internet of Things
Abstract:There are some problems with traditional mark replacement and accurate detection of overprint deviation, this paper presents a new method...
Authors: Cong Qing Li, Li Ying Sun, Jian Jun Li
The Internet of Things
Abstract:On the basis of zero-crossings detection, a new method of speech segregation is proposed using these clues of Interaural time...
Authors: Guang Hui Zhou, Ben Wang, Zhong Dong Xiao, Ping Yu Jiang
The Internet of Things
Abstract:In the 6σ-based product quality management system, influencing factors of 5M1E (man, machine, material, method, measure and environment) are...
Authors: Hai Hong Wu, Yong Feng Cheng, Ai Yun Jiang, Bao Feng Zhang
Other Related Topics
Abstract:In order to improve the application of nano-particles/polymer composite, we investigated the relationship between microstructures and...
Authors: Yu Wang, Ming Chen, Jun Qing Gao, En Chen
Other Related Topics
Abstract:During the entire life cycle of a vehicle, from design, manufacture, usage to final recovery, there exist very complex materials, energy and...
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