Mechatronics and Materials Processing I

Volumes 328-330

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Tie Geng, Qing Hai Ren

Abstract: First, the topology of free-form surface of an electronic vacuum product was analyzed and studied. Then, the parametrical modeling about...

Authors: Qun Deng, Wei Qiang Zhang

Abstract: Using the existing GSM network for location is currently a hot, but usually the system only can complete the location function, and could...

Authors: Shi Yin Qiu, Hai Tao Wu, Hong Bin Liu

Abstract: A new type of pastry slicer which could alter pastry thickness expediently was designed by using SolidWorks and ADAMS. In the first place,...

Authors: Zhen Ya Wu, Jun Hu, Zhong Tao Huang

Abstract: As maximum flow could be used as a significant indicator of congestion in air traffic network, the flow model was then proposed in the...

Authors: Xiang Hui Zhan, Xiao Da Li, Xiang Yang Liu

Abstract: The processes and methods of reverse engineering are presented in detail through a practical case in this paper. Point cloud acquisition,...

Authors: Meng Qing Tanli, Qian Zhang, Xu Jing Yang, Yan Jiang, Ru Shu Peng

Abstract: In the past, the instrument in the test station is usually using analogy technology, the testing and inspecting with the device executed...

Authors: Gang Feng Zheng, Jie Yang, Wen Li Zhang, Li Ling

Abstract: An electromagnetic pick-up grip device is designed in the paper. The device is used to realize mutual attraction of the spot galvanized...

Authors: Lan Fang Chen, Gang Wu, Yi Bin Zhang

Abstract: The introduction of the thought of supply chain management into the construction industry can improve the competitiveness of enterprises....

Authors: Li Jun Xin, Tao Huang, Zhi Yong Wang

Abstract: In order to implement continuous roll of steel plates, steel plates need to be jointed simply and reliably. CQ steel plates have advantages...

Authors: Ying Ping Qian, Yin He, Ju Hua Huang, Xi Zhi Zhou

Abstract: Cooling stage is a key stage of injection molding. It affects both the quality and efficiency of injection molding of products. Conformal...


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