Mechatronics and Materials Processing I

Volumes 328-330

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhao Hui Qi, Ling Yan Xu, Bao Hong Sun

Abstract: For the purpose of energy utilization and environmental protection, a solar thermoelectric air conditioning is designed which is different...

Authors: Ji Xu Rong, Xin Zhang, Jun Ji

Abstract: In order to improve the anti-seismic performance of the NC tool rods in the cutting processing, it’s necessary to study the knife shaft...

Authors: Xian Zhong Yi, Wei Guo Ma, Zi Long Cai, Sheng Zong Jiang

Abstract: Laser drilling technology is a new feasible and developing method of rock destruction. The unified modeling method of laser and rock...

Authors: Dian Wu Zhang, Yu Xing Wang, Yan Qin Tang, Wen Zeng

Abstract: The surface of compound eye of ant was observed by using scanning electron microscopy technology. These characteristics on the surface were...

Authors: Bao Ji Ma, Yu Quan Zhu, Xiao Li Jin

Abstract: Based on the feature of the ELID grinding, heat production mechanism in the ELID grinding was analyzed and a heat source model was given....

Authors: Feng Lian Zhang, Jing Zhu

Abstract: With the development of science and technology, microfludic chip has become the leading edge in biochip research field, representing major...

Authors: Chun Ping Lin, Yi Ming Chang, Jo Ming Tseng, Mei Li You

Abstract: Tert-butyl peroxybenzoate (TBPB), a liquid organic peroxide, has been widely employed in the petrifaction industry as a polymerization...

Authors: Xin Ning, Wen Han Liu

Abstract: A good site layout can promote site safety and efficient operations. Previous research of this area focused on genetic algorithms, simulated...

Authors: Zi Qin Ma, Jin Chao Gao, Zuo Qian Zhang, Da Li Kang

Abstract: Based on qualitative analysis in mechanism of air blowers rotating stall, wavelet envelope spectrum are applied in failure signal analysis...

Authors: Shun Yao Jin, Zhong Guo Huang, Zong Ke Shao, Ming Xiang Li, Hui Lai Sun, Yu Tao Li, Zhi Xiang Fang

Abstract: This paper expounds the application of rotary expanding process to manufacture the large-diameter hot-rolled seamless gas cylinder. Through...


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