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Authors: Zhu Xing Tang, He Zhang, Hui Hui Tan, Xia Zhao
Chapter 4: Ceramic
Abstract:The sintering behavior and lattice parameters of β-sialon were investigated by varying temperature, z values and the amounts of sintering...
Authors: Fu Lun Zhang, Song Sheng Deng, Wei Xing Hua
Chapter 4: Ceramic
Abstract:According to the RNG model and the Euler method, the flow field inside hydrocyclone is simulated by the CFD. The results show that: the...
Authors: Xiao Hui Zhu, Chuan Zhen Huang, Han Lian Liu, Bin Zou, Hong Tao Zhu
Chapter 4: Ceramic
Abstract:Based on the microstructure results of Monte Carlo simulation, a three-dimensional grid model is built up, and imported into the finite...
Authors: Yue Jun Chen, Zhi Fa Wang, Li Xue Yu, Jing Long Bu, Rong Lin Wang, Rui Sheng Wang
Chapter 4: Ceramic
Abstract:Fused quartz granule (d50=0.019 mm) was used as raw material, nano-ZnO (size<0.08 μm) was used as additive with dosages of 1% (in...
Authors: Hui Hui Tan, Zhu Xing Tang, Xia Zhao, He Zhang
Chapter 4: Ceramic
Abstract:This paper introduces Si2ON2-SiC ceramic fabricated by pressureless sintering method and studies the effect of...
Authors: Jin Liang Huang, Li Hua Li, Yong Jun Gu, Qian Li
Chapter 4: Ceramic
Abstract:Abstract. BaBi4Ti4O15 powder was synthesized by molten salt synthesis (MSS) method in NaCl-KCl and...
Authors: Jian Jun Xi, Jun Zhao, Guo Jun Niu
Chapter 4: Ceramic
Abstract:In this paper, Three types of electrolyte (phosphate, silicate, aluminum) are considered to make preparation for micro-arc oxidation coatings...
Authors: Shu Long Liu, Zhi Fa Wang, Jing Long Bu, Shu Bin Shen, Li Xue Yu
Chapter 4: Ceramic
Abstract:Fused quartz granules (d50=19 μm) were used as raw material, and Si3N4-Y2O3 (1:1, in...
Authors: Zhu Xing Tang, Xia Zhao, Hui Hui Tan, He Zhang
Chapter 4: Ceramic
Abstract:The silicon carbide was extruded by the batch and sintered under Nitrogen atmosphere using phenolic resin as the main organic plasticizer....
Authors: Hong Gang Sun, Shuang Zhi Yan, Peng Tao Li, Qing Hua Tan, Ai Jun Wu
Chapter 4: Ceramic
Abstract:The zirconia refractories were prepared using partially stabilized zirconia grain and monoclinic zirconia powder as the matrix, partially...
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