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Authors: Dan Jiang, Ping Yang, Ren Tian Ma
Chapter 3: Steel and Iron
Abstract:As a necessary component in pneumatic muscle, minimum switch and minimum mechanical hand, pen cylinder used as prime actuator possesses the...
Authors: Jun Feng Zhao, Shen Jie Zhou, Bing Lei Wang
Chapter 3: Steel and Iron
Abstract:A modified continuum model of electro-statically actuated micro-beam is presented based on the modified couple stress theory. The new model...
Authors: Xiue Gu, Gao Feng Quan, Zhi Min Ding
Chapter 3: Steel and Iron
Abstract:The numerical modeling and modal analysis had been investigated on vibration of magnesium alloy honeycomb panels. With a simplified model of...
Authors: Jia Yan Ma, Xian Zhong Zhang, Yun Guan, Zhao Jun Deng
Chapter 3: Steel and Iron
Abstract:The microstructure and precipitates of the V-N microalloyed steels whose carbon content were respectively 0.27% and 0.35%, were investigated...
Authors: Ge Ning Xu, Jian Hua Wang, Rui Gang Yang
Chapter 3: Steel and Iron
Abstract:For providing basic data to the reliability evaluation of the carrying capacity of the overhead traveling crane’s structure, by using Visual...
Authors: Wei Zhou, Su Jing Xia, Xiang Li, Jie Yang, Wu Tang
Chapter 3: Steel and Iron
Abstract:The property of surface electron in undoped IIn0.13Al0.87N epilayers with different thicknesses has been investigated...
Authors: Yu Ping Sun, Chun Wei Min, Jin Li, Zun Li Teng
Chapter 3: Steel and Iron
Abstract:In order to investigate the bending performance of Continuous casting 945 steel sandwich board in cross plate, it is carried out the bending...
Authors: Heng Yong Wei, Shu Long Liu, Jing Long Bu, Shu Bin Shen, Li Xue Yu, Zhi Fa Wang
Chapter 4: Ceramic
Abstract:Fused quartz granules (d50=19 μm) were used as raw material, and Gd2O3-Nd2O3 (1:1, in...
Authors: Li Hua Li, Yong Jun Gu, Rui Shi Xie, Jian Guo Zhu
Chapter 4: Ceramic
Abstract:Mn(1-X)S:AX/ZnS (A: Er, Dy) nanocrystals were synthesized by chemical precipitation method. X-ray diffraction analysis...
Authors: Jian Qi Sun, Hao Chen, Fei Cao, Qing Hua Hu
Chapter 4: Ceramic
Abstract:Flaky and porous rod-like MgO powders were prepared by molten salt synthesis with MgCl2, CaCO3, NaNO3 and...
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