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Authors: Shu Bin Shen, Jing Long Bu, Li Xue Yu, Shu Long Liu, Zhi Fa Wang
Chapter 4: Ceramic
Abstract:Fused quartz granules (d50=19 μm) were used as raw material, and Si3N4-Nd2O3 (1:1, in mass) was...
Authors: Qian Ping Wang, Xiang Xiong Guo, Jia Sheng Zhang, Wei Hua Wu
Chapter 4: Ceramic
Abstract:In order to enhance the thermal efficiency of heating and dring facilities, the energy-saving high infrared radiation materials were...
Authors: Xing Li, Bin Fang, Xiu Guo Xu, Chong Hai Xu
Chapter 4: Ceramic
Abstract:The Al2O3(nm)/SiC(μm)/Al2O3(μm)ceramic tool materials were...
Authors: Hua Bin Wen, Yu Lin Zhan, Hai Bo Liu
Chapter 5: Metal Alloy Materials
Abstract:In the construction of high-rise buildings, large span structures and tall structures, the combinatorial design structure of high strength...
Authors: Cai Xiang Gu, Xing Hua Du, Guan Jun Zhu, Yan Sheng Yin, Wen Ge Li
Chapter 5: Metal Alloy Materials
Abstract:Polarization curves, corrosion potential, scanning electron microscopy (SEM) were adopted to investigate the corrosion behaviors of QSn4-3...
Authors: Ling Ya Liao, Che Ming Chiang, Chen Cheng Chen
Chapter 5: Metal Alloy Materials
Abstract:This paper utilizes a product certified by Green Building Material Label (TGBML) in Taiwan on comparing the benchmarks of emission, test...
Authors: Tarinee Nampitch, Rathanawan Magaraphan
Chapter 5: Metal Alloy Materials
Abstract:The objective of this work was to study the production of new biodegradable thin films. As a result of increasing problems with regard to the...
Authors: Chun Ying Wei, Ping Wang
Chapter 5: Metal Alloy Materials
Abstract:Studying the microstructures of ZL116 alloy slurry prepared by nearby liquidus electromagnetic casting (NLEMC), electromagnetic casting...
Authors: Xia Chang, Xiao Bin Zhang, Ji Zhang
Chapter 5: Metal Alloy Materials
Abstract:The article presents the results of optical microscopy, scanning electron microscopy (SEM), Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) conducted...
Authors: Shi Quan He, Hui Zhong
Chapter 5: Metal Alloy Materials
Abstract:Corrosion behaviour of hot-dip galvanized steel in 5% NaCl aqueous solution was studied by electrochemical impedance spectrum (EIS)...
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