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Authors: Shuan Li Du, Jian Feng Gao, Zhong Zhan Sun, Jing Yu Wang
Chapter 6: Polymer Materials
Abstract:1,4-butylene bi-p-hydroxybenzoate (BBHB) was synthesized using methyl p-hydroxyl- benzoate and 1,4-butanediol under catalyst and stabilizer...
Authors: Guo Lan Huan, Jian Li Liu, Qi Yun Du, Xiao Yu Hu
Chapter 6: Polymer Materials
Abstract:In this article, the morphologies of membranes formed by three different systems, i.e. favorable diluent/unfavorable diluent/PVDF system,...
Authors: Li Min Yang, Hong Hui Zhang, Jia Hao Wang, Min Hu
Chapter 6: Polymer Materials
Abstract:Polymerizable C9 fraction was cut by atmospheric distillation of raw C9 fraction from thermal cracking. The obtained...
Authors: Yong Sheng Ma, Xian Hui Sun
Chapter 6: Polymer Materials
Abstract:The application of water in water cationic polyacylamide emulsion (CPAM) was studied used in bleached soda reed pulp. The main effects, such...
Authors: Yan Long Ma, Jing Xin Zhu, Hui Li Shao, Xue Chao Hu
Chapter 6: Polymer Materials
Abstract:The as-spun fibers, which be produced by dry spinning technique, were treated with methanol solution. The results showed that the morphology,...
Authors: Xuan Run Wu, Jian Da Cao
Chapter 6: Polymer Materials
Abstract:The function of the simulation sweating device when done the experiment of dynamic moisture transfer based on Munsell color index was needed...
Authors: Chao Wei Hao, Qing Fang Ma, Zheng Wang, Jian Xiong Jiang, Guo Qiao Lai
Chapter 6: Polymer Materials
Abstract:In this paper, PA 66 were solution blended with poly(vinyl pyrrolidone)(PVP), an amorphous polar polyamide. The thermal behaviors and...
Authors: Siriwan Chanphong, Somkiat Tangjitsitcharoen
Chapter 6: Polymer Materials
Abstract:This research presents the development of the surface roughness prediction in the turning process of the plain carbon steel with the coated...
Authors: Mi Ou Yang, Xiao Jing Lv, Bin Hu, Cheng Zhang
Chapter 7: Optical/Electronic/Magnetic Materials
Abstract:A new polypyrrole derivative 4-(1H-pyrrol-1-yl) phenyl 4-(1H-pyrrol-1-yl) butanoate (NPB) was synthesized by chemical method and...
Authors: Z. F. Zi, Y. N. Liu, Q.C. Liu, Jian Ming Dai, Yu Ping Sun
Chapter 7: Optical/Electronic/Magnetic Materials
Abstract:Magnetite (Fe3O4) nanobranches were synthesized using an improved solvothermal technique in mixed ethanol and water...
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