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Authors: Jun Ming Luo, Zheng Wei, Ji Lin Xu, Li Ping Deng
Chapter 5: Metal Alloy Materials
Abstract:40 wt. %WC steel-bonded carbides were prepared by microwave sintering. The sintering behavior and mechanical properties of 40 wt. %WC-Fe were...
Authors: Li Na Zhang, Bai Xiong Liu
Chapter 5: Metal Alloy Materials
Abstract:The Microstructure of Cu-Bi master alloy with different melt processes, such as different melting temperature and holding time, was observed...
Authors: Zheng Shu Yang, Shao Xun Lv, Peng Chong Cao, Muhammad Ibrahim Abdullah, Wei Liu
Chapter 5: Metal Alloy Materials
Abstract:Recycled aluminum industry has great prospects in china. Early identification of key technologies for recycled aluminum plays a very...
Authors: Chun Miao Han, Yu Yan Liu, Hui Feng Tan
Chapter 5: Metal Alloy Materials
Abstract:A series of hyperbranched polyester (HBPE) modified shape memory epoxies (SMEPs) were prepared for the first time. The materials’ toughness,...
Authors: S. Senthil Kumaran, K. Chandra Sekhar, A. Preetam, S. Balasivanandha Prabu
Chapter 5: Metal Alloy Materials
Abstract:Alumina (Al2O3) matrix composites reinforced with 10%, 20% and 40% of 10µm size aluminum particles were fabricated by...
Authors: Sheng Wei Guo, Gu Xia Wang, Feng Lan Han
Chapter 6: Polymer Materials
Abstract:Polymer microcapsule is a kind of functional material with unique structure. Study on the preparation methods is growing obviously. An...
Authors: Ming Shan Yang
Chapter 6: Polymer Materials
Abstract:The effects of temperature and relative humidity on regenerated cellulose had been investigated in detail in the present work. From...
Authors: Tan Winie, Chin Han Chan, Ri Hanum Yahaya Subban
Chapter 6: Polymer Materials
Abstract:Hexanoyl chitosan: LiClO4: TiO2 composite electrolyte films were prepared by the solution cast technique. The ac...
Authors: Jun Ling Tian, You Ming Cao, Xiao Tao Zhou
Chapter 6: Polymer Materials
Abstract:A series of silicone modified polyurethane(Si-PU) block polymers were synthesized from using polybutylene adipate (PBA),...
Authors: Jin Tang Zhou, Zheng Jun Yao, Juan Juan Zhou
Chapter 6: Polymer Materials
Abstract:The crystallinity of PLA which was blended with POE and POE-g-MAH together with main mechanical properties were studied. Contact angles...
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