Advanced Materials and Structures

Volumes 335-336

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Fu Yin Han, Lin Hai Tian, Hong Xia Wang, Wei Liang, Wen Xian Wang

Abstract: Sr added ignition-proof AZ91D-0.3Be magnesium alloy was prepared. The influence of Sr content on microstructure and mechanical properties of...

Authors: Yu Lin Song, Chih Hsiao Cheng, Chia Fone Lee, Luh Maan Chang, Yuan Fang Chou

Abstract: Monodisperse de-ionized water droplets 4.5 μm in diameter have been produced in ultrasonic atomization using micro electro-mechanical system...

Authors: Yu Xuan Li, Zhen Duo Cui, Xian Jin Yang, Sheng Li Zhu

Abstract: In the present study, porous titanium alloys were fabricated successfully by mixing titanium, niobium, and zirconium powder with...

Authors: Shi Xing Zhang, Hai Hong Wu, Gang Yi Cai

Abstract: The mechanical properties of a 7A04 aluminum alloy were improved by deformation strengthening and phase transformations strengthening...

Authors: Shi Gang Bai, Jia Zhen Zhang, Yu Sha

Abstract: This paper intends to get compressive loading effect on fatigue crack growth of 2A12 aluminum alloy. The fatigue crack propagation tests at...

Authors: Khemajit Sena, Surasith Piyasin

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to investigate the optimal process parameters use to fabricated a standardized cranial implant using deep...

Authors: De Liang Yin, Xin Chen

Abstract: Conventional extrusion and artificial aging were combined to investigate the possibility of superposing precipitation strengthening on...

Authors: Shi Xing Zhang, Gang Yi Cai, Hai Hong Wu

Abstract: Comprehensive performance of 6061 aluminum alloy was improved by solution treatment and two-step ageing treatment in this paper . The...

Authors: Li Zhen Wang, Kai Qing Zhang, Shu Hua Gu, Yong Zhang

Abstract: Abstract: The microscopic structure of Pb-Ca alloys and Pb-Ca-SnX-Al alloys was observed by scanning electron microscope (SEM)....

Authors: Hong Liang Sun, Cai Sun, Ze Wen Huang, De Gui Zhu

Abstract: The effect of different aluminum content on peritectic reaction and mechanical properties of pentatomic TiAl-based alloy was investigated....


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