Material and Manufacturing Technology II

Volumes 341-342

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Tian Guo Wang, Qun Qin, Wen Jun Zhang

Abstract: The influence of TiO2 nano powder on the electrical properties and microstructure of TiO2 ceramics was studied. The...

Authors: Wei Min Liu, Lei Wang, Shu Zhen Li, Yu Jing Chen, Xi Hui Wu

Abstract: A procedure for the preparation of active carbon-ceramic sphere was developed. Active carbon-ceramic sphere were prepared by coating a...

Authors: N. Kavitha, M. Balasubramanian, Y.Deval Vashistha

Abstract: Nanoparticles of silicon carbide were produced through direct pyrolysis of stoichiometerically balanced rice husk. Rice husk used in this...

Authors: Felix N.L. Ling, Khairul Anuar Kassim, Ahmad Tarmizi Abdul Karim

Abstract: Kaolin is widely used in ceramic, paper, and pharmaceutical industries. The suitability use of kaolin in industries will depend on its...

Authors: Chao Zhang, Bai Quan Lin, Wen Xia Li, Cheng Zhai, Chuan Jie Zhu

Abstract: In order to study the explosion characteristics of nanometer aluminum, comparative experimental studies on explosion characteristics of...

Authors: Jian Li, Bin Ting Yang

Abstract: Utilization of finite element method (FEM) and warm compaction process, study on mechanical theory and FEM simulation of molybdenum powder...

Authors: Yue Min Zhang, Xiao Lin Wang, Xiao Ru Hao

Abstract: The tooth-surfaces of corrected planar double-enveloping worm wheel were established by programming in MATLAB with the theory of spatial...

Authors: Guo Xing Pang, Zhi Yong Chen, Zhong Lei Li, Yan Jie Wang

Abstract: The main purpose of this paper is to research on the different ion nitriding temperatures of 35CrMo effect on the surface hardness, wear...

Authors: Yongan Luo

Abstract: Single sapphire crystal is an important optical element and semiconductor substrate material, widely used in industry, national defense and...

Authors: Jian Qing Liu, Yong Hai Chen, Bo Xu, Zhan Guo Wang

Abstract: We have practiced the Ga-assisted deoxidation method on GaAs(110) surface. When the deposit amount of Ga is suitable, flat GaAs(110) surface...


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