Material and Manufacturing Technology II

Volumes 341-342

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jian Li, Feng Xue, Xue Liang Deng

Abstract: According to the actual work conditions, 3D FE model of channel bending forming is established on the platform of eat/DYNAFORM....

Authors: Yun Hai Jia

Abstract: High deformation hardening, low thermal conductivity, high built-up edge tendency of austenitic stainless steels were the main factors that...

Authors: Jian Xing Zhang

Abstract: This paper, according to the movement principle of clothing dynamic mannequin, discusses the research and development of the clothing...

Authors: M. Zadshakoyan, E.Abdi Sobbouhi, H. Jafarzadeh

Abstract: In this study, the precision forging process of spur gears has been investigated by means of numerical analysis. The effect of some...

Authors: Wu Zhao, Gui Yu

Abstract: The experimental study results show that the system’s nonlinear characteristics, incluing the dynamic responses of the poincare mapping, the...

Authors: Qi Xiao, Jiang Sun

Abstract: Carbon fiber composite tubes with symmetric winding angles were experimented under tensional loading and theoretically calculated using...

Authors: Jiang Sun, Qi Xiao

Abstract: The filament winding pattern of composite tube, the winding parameters and the undulation degree are studied in this paper. The study shows...

Authors: Xiao Ping Chen, Jin Rong, Ru Fu Hu

Abstract: Machinery industry changes with each passing day, asking for the more and more importance of the machinery industry performance. The...

Authors: Ru Fu Hu, Xiao Ping Chen, Huan Xin Yao

Abstract: Improving thermal characteristics is a crucial approach for increasing machining accuracy of NC lathe. Modeling and analysis of thermal...

Authors: Bing Wei Ji, Jing Lu Li, Xiao Ping Chen

Abstract: The method of piston pin's strength calculation base on FEA is proposed to solve the pin's failure. The pin's circular deformation is...


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