Material and Manufacturing Technology II

Volumes 341-342

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiao Jia Wu, Qi Chuan Tian

Abstract: Studies on biology basis from human being or other animals have attracted an ever increasing attention in pattern recognition. This paper...

Authors: Dong Xiao Niu, Ying Ying Li, Kun Zhou, Fang Fang

Abstract: The power system cost model include wind turbine were studied by using simulated annealing genetic algorithm. The advantages and...

Authors: Bei Rong Zheng, Wei Xue, Xiao Wen Xie

Abstract: How to model reconfigurable resources, how to make manufacturing resources to rapidly form into new production functions and capability is...

Authors: He Ping Zhang

Abstract: With the rapid development of the global economy, more and more enterprises emphasize on the coordination with the partners to improve the...

Authors: You Geng Dong

Abstract: This paper points out the flaws of the CIMS, and states that synergetic manufacturing method that is based on Synergetics theory, is able to...

Authors: Yi Liu, Qiang Bian, Xiang Jun Wang, Ji Dou

Abstract: All the ships contain different metals, these metals in seawater has a different potential, soak a long time will corrupt slowly, that will...

Authors: Sha Sha Dong, You Nong Hu

Abstract: This paper uses the principle and theory of analytic hierarchy process (AHP) to research application effectiveness of educational equipment....

Authors: Chang Peng Ji, Guang Hao Cheng, Xue Mei Wang

Abstract: The characteristics of mechanical gyroscope are high technology, complicated structure and restrict precision. Basing on this aspect, MEMS...

Authors: S. Esmail Mirvar, Ramin Mohamadi Kaleybar, Ahmad Afsari

Abstract: Mechanical properties of plastic play an important role in defining the quality of injection molded products. Many studies have shown that...

Authors: G. Manimaran, Murugasan Pradeep Kumar

Abstract: In order to find the alternative to conventional oil based coolants on the basis of environmental aspects, the present work investigates the...


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