Material and Manufacturing Technology II

Volumes 341-342

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Chil Chyuan Kuo, Zhi Yang Lin, Wang Lin Tsai

Abstract: Rapid tooling technology is regarded as an important method of reducing the cost and time to market in a new product development process....

Authors: Ismail Noor Mazni, Aziz Azizan, Mariatti Jaafar

Abstract: The aim of this study is to produce MWCNT/PMMA nanocomposite with enhanced properties through a modified coagulation method. Samples were...

Authors: Han Ying Wang, Gao Shan Ma, Yan Qing Yang

Abstract: Pure MoSi2 and MoSi2 composites with different volume fraction of SiC particles were prepared by the technology of in...

Authors: Elena Valentina Stoian, Cristiana Zizi Rizescu, Jana Pintea, Vasile Bratu, Dan Nicolae Ungureanu, Cristi Petre Fluieraru

Abstract: This paper presents the results of experimental determinations concerning electromagnetic field attenuation in materials containing...

Authors: Bao Wen Wang, Chuan Chang Gao, Hai Bo Zhao, Chu Guang Zheng

Abstract: Fe2O3/Al2O3 composite at the mass ratio of 3:2 was prepared by sol-gel combustion synthesis...

Authors: Yu Hong Yang

Abstract: Microbial degradation of crop stalk is essentially biochemical processes that microbe and cellulose produced by microbe degrade crop stalk,...

Authors: Rong Chun Guo, Na Wu, Gui Rong Zhang

Abstract: The main developing trend of automobile industry is promoting performance, lowering fuel consumption, reducing hazard gas emission and...

Authors: Hosein Rahnema, Mohammad Hosein Modarresi, Ali Lashkari, Mohammad Ali Hadianfard, Saeid Sedaghat

Abstract: High strength concrete (HSC) farther than high compressive strength, possesses uniform high density and very low impermeability, endowing...

Authors: Mohammad Kankarani Farahani, Ahmad Assempour

Abstract: A simplified efficient finite element method called the inverse approach (IA) has been developed to estimate initial blank and strain...

Authors: Guang Hui Ma, Fa Ai Zhang, Chang Sheng Gu

Abstract: This paper demonstrates that silica nanoparticles were modified by the four silane coupling agents (KH-151, KH-550, KH-560, KH-570) firstly,...


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