Material and Manufacturing Technology II

Volumes 341-342

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Chil Chyuan Kuo, Zhi Yang Lin, Wang Lin Tsai

Abstract: Rapid tooling technology is regarded as an important method of reducing the cost and time to market in a new product development process....

Authors: Ping Liu, Xiao Long Gu, Xin Bing Zhao, Xiao Gang Liu

Abstract: The complexity of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) has increased dramatically over the last three decades with the development of surface mount...

Authors: Mahdi Maarefdoust, Pooria Akbarzade

Abstract: Limit load analysis of defect free thick walled pipes and cylinders subjected to internal pressure and combined internal pressure and axial...

Authors: Zhen Rong Lu

Abstract: The field of mine hoist in the coal mine has an important role, its relationship with the safe operation of coal mine production safety and...

Authors: Amir Ghazanfari, Ahmad Assempour

Abstract: The main drawback of the method proposed by Marciniak and Kuczynski for prediction of the limit strains in sheet metal forming processes is...

Authors: Wei Huang, Ya Feng Li, Kai Wen Tian, Fu Jun Shang, Yong Liu, Zi Ming Chen, Min Ming Zou

Abstract: The failure mechanism of tungsten matrix composite was studied with microscale numerical simulation. The results show that high strength...

Authors: Yong Yi Li, Sheng Dun Zhao

Abstract: This paper introduces the principle and characteristic of extrusion tapping of internal thread, presents the simplified mechanical model of...

Authors: Hong Wei Yan, Yu Zhao

Abstract: Caterpillar walk agency is the supporting a large walk machinery, used to support the weight of the whole machine, inherit institution in...

Authors: Mohammadjavad Mahdavinejad, Mina Hajian, Amene Doroodgar

Abstract: The adopted strategy to overcome the housing shortage crisis in Iran is the mass production. The way forward to accelerate the mass...

Authors: Liang Yuan Shen, Hong Guang Wang, Rui Jun Zhang, Peng Peng Liu

Abstract: The usual hydraulic pump station pumps the general use of quantitative supply voltage level or constant pressure, using the corresponding...


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