Material and Manufacturing Technology II

Volumes 341-342

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jun Ling Liu, Hong Wei Zhao, Hao Yu Zhao, Chong Xu Chen

Abstract: Study the retrieval algorithm based on shape feature and based on color features of image retrieval, to improve the accuracy of image...

Authors: Ahmed Dena Rafaa, Jan Nordin

Abstract: One of the most important application these days in Pattern Recognition (PR) is Optical Character recognition (OCR) which is a system used...

Authors: Xu Feng Hu, Shan Zhu Xiao, Huan Zhang Lu

Abstract: For a cooperation imaging tracking system consisting of multiple moving platforms, time synchronization among these platforms was a critical...

Authors: Song Yin Fu, Song Chun Gong, Zheng Chen

Abstract: The project team has completed some research work in the earlier period. In this paper, the present mainstream intelligent network video...

Authors: Cai Ting, Deng Yong, Yi Dan Zhou

Abstract: The objective of this paper is to analyze the closing time of fuel injector needle in electronic fuel injection system. The dynamics model...

Authors: Ming Piao Tsai, Peter Iming Shieh, Chin Hui Chuang

Abstract: In the paper, a computer-supported model of the innovation design is presented, which is based on the synergy of modular function deployment...

Authors: Ming Lu

Abstract: CNC machine tools, it is not only in aerospace, manufacturing, military and other fields are widely used, but also into cars, machine tools...

Authors: Peter Iming Shieh, Yao Chang Jeng, Ming Piao Tsai

Abstract: Automatic shop floor control system in distributed computing context is one of the most important links in Computer Integrated Manufacturing...

Authors: Chun Jiao Zheng

Abstract: Driving and control are key techniques to improving performance and application of ultrasonic motor. Based on ultrasonic motor’s special...

Authors: Yu Miao Ren, Jue Wang

Abstract: This paper introducts the designing of a remote assessment information collection system based on fuzzy logic inference. The system has a...


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