Material and Manufacturing Technology II

Volumes 341-342

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ming Feng Zhu, Jian Qiang Du

Abstract: To make variational level set method applicable to the application of tongue segmentation, this article introduced a kind of color tongue...

Authors: Wang Sheng Fang, Lu Lu Wu, Rong Zhang

Abstract: One of the main purpose of the watermark preprocessing is to improve the robustness and security. For this reason,this paper presents an...

Authors: Aspriha Das, Rajiv Trivedi

Abstract: The digital watermarking technology is the most active topic in image protection recently. In this paper, a digital watermarking algorithm...

Authors: Nan Wang

Abstract: APTCHA is an important means to improve network security and prevent hackers. Since only a simple transfigure processing and the same style....

Authors: Jian Ping Han, Xiao Yang Li, Da Xing Zhang, Bo Ting Geng

Abstract: In this paper, a fast background subtraction algorithm using codebook model is presented to extract moving objects from surveillance videos....

Authors: Li Xian Wei, Jun Jie Zhu, Xiao Yuan Yang

Abstract: This paper proposes a algorithm for detecting manual blur on images, which is usually used to remove obvious traces when tamper images. The...

Authors: Xin Wang, Jin Wang

Abstract: We present a new algorithm to locate targets by matching image frames taken from a moving platform. We have noticed that an image point is...

Authors: Yong Fang Guo, Huang Kai

Abstract: Correspondence estimation is one of the fundamental challenges in computer vision lying in the core of many problems, from stereo and motion...

Authors: Li Liu, Ji Chun Tan

Abstract: A new method of multiple watermarks embedding simultaneously to identify image status based on once and twice discrete fractional Fourier...

Authors: Bao Yong Zhao, Ying Jian Qi

Abstract: The principle of Zernike moments and the method of sub-pixel edge detection based on Zernike moments were introduced in this paper. With the...


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