Material and Manufacturing Technology II

Volumes 341-342

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiao Chen, Shan Duan, Ying Fei Wang

Abstract: This paper describes the techniques of the processing of automatic segmention vertebra from MRI image. The final choice is use regional...

Authors: Gang Ma, Ke He Wu, Pan Pan

Abstract: The aeolian vibration of overhead transmission lines frequently brings about the breaking fatigue of wires, which makes a serious threat to...

Authors: Wei Yang, Qiao Sun, Hai Yang Yu, Bo Li, Hong Mei Wang

Abstract: As information technology is becoming more and more popular, infrared ray technology also has been rapidly increasing especially after A.D....

Authors: Hui Xin Zhang, Ying Ping Hong, Kai Li Li

Abstract: Aiming at the LVDS high speed data communication used on long distance, this paper designed the method of data reading and status monitoring...

Authors: Guo Rui Huang, Yan Mou Zhan, Xu Cheng, Hua Qiang Wu, Hao Li

Abstract: Relative stability of the internal environment is the basis for the body’s all intelligent activities, and the endocrine system plays an...

Authors: Xiao Ming Zuo

Abstract: Based on the changeability, dynamic and reconfiguration of network collaborative activity in cluster, the frame of network resource planning...

Authors: Gang Tang, Wei Jian Mi, Dao Fang Chang, Cheng Tao Wang, Xue Ling Bai

Abstract: To improve the efficiencies in kinematics, dynamics analysis and finite element (FE) calculation, distributed computing is used in the...

Authors: Bai Yi Huang

Abstract: Flash-based solid state disks (SSD) is a performance based data storage technology that optimizes the use of flash-based technology to...

Authors: Wei Wei Zhang, Sui Yang Chen

Abstract: With the rapid development of computer network, the network architecture is increasingly complicated; the scale of network extends...

Authors: Yan Li Liu, Hua Jiang, Gang Xu

Abstract: This paper discusses the uncertainty in remote sensing image segmentation by studying the uncertainty in cloud model , qualitative to...


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