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Authors: Wen Jie Jin, Fan Chao Zeng, Han Xue, Ying Wang
Chapter 2: Environmental Materials
Abstract:A kind of new adsorption material for wastewater treatment was made of fly ash as the main composition, with addition of sodium silicate,...
Authors: Yong Yin Zhang, Li Ping Wang, Er Deng Du, Yi Zhong Chen
Chapter 2: Environmental Materials
Abstract:A kind of 4A zeolite, which was modified by magnesium chloride and aluminum chloride, was used to treatment phosphorus wastewater. The effect...
Authors: Long Hui Nie, Bin Hu, Jiu Xin Jiang
Chapter 2: Environmental Materials
Abstract:A new visible-light-driven plasmonic photocatalyst Ag/AgCl/TiO2-XCX was prepared by a two-step synthesis process. The...
Authors: Gui Xiang Quan, Jin Long Yan, Cheng Ding
Chapter 2: Environmental Materials
Abstract:Carbon materials possess special structural and fascinating functions. The use of biomass raw material to produce a variety of carbon...
Authors: Ru Xin Che, Bing Yu, Chun Xia Wang, Li Qiu Wei
Chapter 2: Environmental Materials
Abstract:The core-nanoshell composite materials doped with Sm were prepared by a solid-state reaction method. The core is magnetic fly-ash hollow...
Authors: Hong Chao Ma, Yang Zhang, Ying Huan Fu, Chun Ling Yu, Yu Song, Chun Ma, Xiao Li Dong
Chapter 2: Environmental Materials
Abstract:ZnO nanoparticles were modified by polyaniline (PANI) using ‘in situ’ chemical oxidative polymerization method. The morphology, structure,...
Authors: Chun Ling Yu, Rui Xue Wu, Ying Huan Fu, Xiao Li Dong, Hong Chao Ma
Chapter 2: Environmental Materials
Abstract:A polyaniline supported titanium dioxide photocatalyst was prepared by an impregnation-hydrothermal process and characterized by powder X-ray...
Authors: Yan Wang, Liu Yang, Wei Ping Liao, Fei Wang
Chapter 2: Environmental Materials
Abstract:Two catalysts, MnOx and ceria modified MnOx were prepared by deposition-precipitation method and used for low-temperature selective catalytic...
Authors: Jiang Feng Gong, Chang Yong Lan, Bo Zhang, Wei Hua Zhu, Ming Yi Liu
Chapter 2: Environmental Materials
Abstract:In this paper, one-dimensional ZnS nanostructures were fabricated in a conventional tube furnace by physical vapor deposition method using...
Authors: Yow Loo Au Yoong, Pei Lay Yap, Muralithran G. Kutty, Olaf Timpe, Malte Behrens, Sharifah Bee Abdul Hamid, Robert Schlögl
Chapter 2: Environmental Materials
Abstract:The use of surface oxidized covellite (CuS), namely mixed phase copper sulphide (CuS and CuSO4) was studied for the removal of...
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