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Authors: Xing Xing Gu, Ya Han, Jin Jin Chen, Jian Rong Chen
Chapter 2: Environmental Materials
Abstract:Due to their large surface areas, high pore volumes, relatively even distributions of pore sizes, surfaces enriched with unsaturated groups...
Authors: Wen Hui Wei, Mei Na Liang, Zong Qiang Zhu, Hong Dong Qin, Yi Nian Zhu
Chapter 2: Environmental Materials
Abstract:The Kinetics and thermodynamic was studied in ammonia nitrogen adsorption experiment using bamboo charcoal. The results showed that the...
Authors: Kai Qi Shi, Shuang Xi Shao, Wei Gang Yin
Chapter 2: Environmental Materials
Abstract:Formalin (formaldehyde solution) is generally used as embalming fluid and tissue fixation agent because of its low price, antiseptic...
Authors: Qi Zhou, Xuan Xiao, Da Li Zhao, En Jun Song
Chapter 2: Environmental Materials
Abstract:Development of the sol-gel films for painting pretreatment of aluminium alloy is to replace bichromate conversion films such as Alodine....
Authors: Hong Shao, Di Zhang
Chapter 2: Environmental Materials
Abstract:The bentonite coated chitosan which was prepared of natural bentonite used as raw material and chitosan used as modifying agent applied in...
Authors: Jin Huang, Meng Ye, Rui Chen, Qi Zhuang He
Chapter 2: Environmental Materials
Abstract:Novel Schiff base-functionalized SBA-15 mesoporous silica is prepared, characterized and used as an adsorbent for heavy metal ion, Cu (II)....
Authors: Wei Hong Zhou, Yun Shui Yu, Xue Liang Xiong
Chapter 2: Environmental Materials
Abstract:Microstructures of woodceramics were performed by scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and X-ray diffraction(XRD). The effect of carbonization...
Authors: Hong Shao, Ning Cao
Chapter 2: Environmental Materials
Abstract:With the development of printing and dyeing industry, the nation has become the world's largest dye production and use country. With the...
Authors: Bo Quan Jiang, Zheng Qiang Xiao
Chapter 2: Environmental Materials
Abstract:The waste coal fly ash was utilized to synthesize zeolite by alkaline fusion method through orthogonal test. The copper oxide was loaded on...
Authors: Bo Quan Jiang, Zheng Qiang Xiao
Chapter 2: Environmental Materials
Abstract:The waste wood dust was utilized to prepare the copper oxide loaded activated carbon for the treatment of the printing and dyeing wastewater...
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