Progress in Environmental Science and Engineering

Volumes 356-360

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yu Ying Li, Zheng Tian Zhang, Wei Yin, Lan Qun Hu, Zi An Liang, Fang Wang, Guo Ming Lei

Abstract: Danjiangkou reservoir is the water resource area of the mid-line project of south to north water division. Zooplanktons are monitored at...

Authors: Xiang Cheng Wang, Jian Li, Hua Zhu

Abstract: Photocatalytic oxidation and Photo-Fenton oxidation of active bright red K-2BP in aqueous was studied. Used nanometer Titanium dioxide as...

Authors: Jiang Ying Zhang, Jian Xu, Yuan Zhang, Lei Li, Ying Zhang, Jun Jie Zhang

Abstract: In the present paper, the adsorption characteristics of aniline onto KSF montmorillonite from aqueous solution were investigated....

Authors: Shu Qiao, Kun Xie, Chuan Fu

Abstract: A QSPR model is established for estimating subcooled liquid vapor pressures (log PL) of PCDD/Fs. Three-dimensional holographic vector of...

Authors: Xue Chuan Wang, Yu Qiao Fu, Long Fang Ren, Tao Tao Qiang

Abstract: The methods of COD30 and respiratory curve were adopted to evaluate the biodegradability of hyperbranched surfactant which was used as the...

Authors: Chang Hong Guo, Wen Yue Su, Wen Wen Cong, Lei Wu, Dan Wang

Abstract: When the gametocidal chromosome 3C from Aegilops triuncialis was introduced into common wheat, it was preferentially transmitted and it had...

Authors: Chang Hong Guo, Qing Guo Liu, Yue Ping Lv

Abstract: In this study, the GFP transplastomic tobacco (TG) and non-transgenetic (WT) were compared to study the effects of GFP transplastomic...

Authors: Chang Hong Guo, Lei Yang, Chun Ying Liu

Abstract: Thinopyrum elongatum, a wild relative of wheat, can be used as an excellent source of disease and abiotic stresses resistance and carries...

Authors: Chang Hong Guo, Xu Han Shi, Jia Li Liu

Abstract: A bacterial strain 3-1 which could use ACC as the sole nitrogen sources was isolated from Chinese chives rhizosphere soil. The strain was...

Authors: Chang Hong Guo, Fang Fang, Jia Li Liu

Abstract: Petroleum is the most important energy for economic development in China and other countries. But in the process of mining, storage and...


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