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Authors: Shu He Tang, Jing Ping Wang, Yu Feng Sun, Nan Nan Dai
Chapter 1: Environmental Chemistry and Biology
Abstract:Two kinds of hypercrosslinked resin ZH-01 and ZH-03 were prepared in this study. Experimental investigations were conducted to study the...
Authors: Rui Wang, Fei Liu, Li Hong Qin
Chapter 1: Environmental Chemistry and Biology
Abstract:The pH and nitrate effect on the anaerobic biological reduction of perchlorate using acetate as carbon source was studied. Perchlorate...
Authors: Qiong Yu Liu
Chapter 1: Environmental Chemistry and Biology
Abstract:The inhibition kinetic parameters of pentachlorophenol (PCP) on bovine intestinal mucosa alkaline phosphatase (ALP) activity were studied by...
Authors: Kuo Shan Yao, Jen Jung Hsu, Chen Yu Chang
Chapter 1: Environmental Chemistry and Biology
Abstract:Textile industries usually discharge colored effluents containing various dyes. These dyes usually contain more than one aromatic structure...
Authors: Guan Ling Song, Qun Hui Wang, Wen Hua Hou, Yuan Gao, Hao Wu
Chapter 1: Environmental Chemistry and Biology
Abstract:Nasturtium officinale exposed to low temperature at 10-12°C was investigated to study the possible application of eutrophicated waterbody...
Authors: Min Min Wang, Li Wang, Ai Qin Wang
Chapter 2: Environmental Materials
Abstract:Lignocellulose/organic montmorillonite (LNC/OMMT) nanocomposites have been prepared by the solution intercalation method from pristine...
Authors: Chen Tao Hou, Xia He, Ying Wang, Wen Jie Nie
Chapter 2: Environmental Materials
Abstract:In the paper, tetranbutyl titanate was loaded on granular active carbon using sol-gel dip-coating technique to form anatase...
Authors: Mo Xin Yu, Ming Dong Zheng, Xiao Jun He, Xue Hui Li, Le Fu Wang
Chapter 2: Environmental Materials
Abstract:NiMgAlO catalysts were prepared by two methods: coprecipition and impregnation. They were used to simultaneously adsorb SO2 and NO...
Authors: Yun Lan Gu, Zhen Xing Li, Zheng Hao Fei, Gen Cheng Zhang
Chapter 2: Environmental Materials
Abstract:It is assumed that the experimental adsorption capacity of phenolic compounds onto resin depends upon the molecular properties as well as...
Authors: Jin Guo Wang, Jian Zhu, Xi Li, He Xing Li
Chapter 2: Environmental Materials
Abstract:TiO2 hollow microspheres were synthesized by a facile solvothermal method. The prepared samples were characterized by the XRD,...
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