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Authors: Yong Fa Diao, Jian Dong Ding, Wan Xuan Yu, Yue Zou, Wei Hui Hao
Chapter 2: Environmental Materials
Abstract:In this paper, cobalt oxide was deposited on the surface of Activated Carbon Fiber (ACF) by adsorption and was then sintered. The effects of...
Authors: Cheng Jin, Jin Hui Dong, Deng Xin Li, Min Cong Zhu, Ying Chen Zhang
Chapter 2: Environmental Materials
Abstract:The expanded graphite coated with different portions of Fe3O4 nanoparticles (EG/ Fe3O4) were...
Authors: Xiao Wei Yuan, Xue Guo, Dan Dan Yang, Li Juan Wang, Mei Ling Cheng, Qi Liu
Chapter 2: Environmental Materials
Abstract:Hollow cubic TiO2 particles were synthesized using cubic Cu2O particles as hard templates, and the hydrolysis of...
Authors: Shao Hong Wei, Mei Hua Zhou, Wei Ping Du
Chapter 2: Environmental Materials
Abstract:Pure ZnO and SnO2-ZnO nanofibers were synthesized by electrospinning method and characterized via X-ray diffraction (XRD),...
Authors: Song Hu Li, Jie Li, Dong Sheng Dai
Chapter 2: Environmental Materials
Abstract:The water quality and treatment process of two water plants in Jinan city were studied to evaluate the safety of urban water supply. The...
Authors: Xiao Jing Li, Guan Jun Qiao, Jin Ren Ni
Chapter 2: Environmental Materials
Abstract:Nanometer titanium dioxide films supported on glass, quartz, molybdenum, and aluminum were prepared by sol-gel method. The loaded titanium...
Authors: Li Zhang, Xiao Jie Wan, Wei Qing Han, Lian Jun Wang
Chapter 3: Environmental Safety and Health
Abstract:Isophthalonitrile(IPN) used in this study contains two cyano groups(-CN) attached to the m-benzene ring. The IPN wastewater is degraded by...
Authors: Wei Wan, Xu Xuan Xie, Shi Qiu Zhang
Chapter 3: Environmental Safety and Health
Abstract:Ground-level ozone pollution has attracted attention from academia and public in China recent years. This paper examines the effect and...
Authors: Qin Yuan Zhu, Ning Liu, Xin Qian, Li Yang, Ming Zhong Dai, Xiao Qing Jiang, Na Li, Liu Sun, Zhi Chao Liu, Gen Fa Lu
Chapter 3: Environmental Safety and Health
Abstract:This study investigated the levels of eight metallic elements in groundwater of 15 tap water treatment plants (TWTPs) located in the North of...
Authors: Xiao Hong Huang, Qi Bin Zhou
Chapter 3: Environmental Safety and Health
Abstract:This paper presented a numerical evaluation of the lightning electromagnetic environment inside a typical telecommunication building when a...
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