Progress in Environmental Science and Engineering

Volumes 356-360

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Ping Bai, Ye Yao Wang, Fa Sheng Li

Abstract: The risk assessment model and parameter system of groundwater pollution were established in this paper. The multi-index evaluation method of...

Authors: Jie Peng, Li Zhong Shi, Feng Wang

Abstract: Aircraft carbon emissions because of their special status led to the spatial vertical distribution of pollution significantly different from...

Authors: Hong Yang, Jun Ding, Chun Feng Wang, Jin Hui Chen, Jian Hui Wu, Jian Chen, Cheng Xiu Liu

Abstract: Yangtze River Estuary, the largest estuary of Pacific Coast, is not only the unique channel for the endangered species (Chinese sturgeon) to...

Authors: Xiao Yin Zhang, Xiong Zhi Xue

Abstract: Integrated Coastal Management (ICM) initiatives spread all over the world to cope with declining conditions and intensifying user conflicts...

Authors: Li Gu, Zu Lin Hua, Bo Hong, Ya Wei Li, Yan Gen

Abstract: Taihu Lake can be divided into several different lake regions such as bay area, center area, lakeshore area and etc. according to the...

Authors: Qiao Zhen Yu, Xiang Jun Jin, Shao Yang Li, Lei Wang, Kun Long Liang

Abstract: To obtain a TiO2 photocatalyst with high photocatalytic efficiency under visible irradiation and good reusability, the...

Authors: Cun Yong Zhang

Abstract: To investigate the characteristics of the suspended sediment concentration (SSC) temporal variation, one representative SSC profile and its...

Authors: Xin Yu Li, Bing Liu, Si Ze Li, Shu Sen Liu

Abstract: In this paper, the biological droplet transport and deposition in the turbulent airflow inside an indoor environment was studied using the...

Authors: Shu Ling Huang, Yong Zhang, Qi Li, Dong Sheng Xu

Abstract: Water environmental capacity is an important base for making the river pollution control, weakening the pollution source and realizing the...

Authors: Li Wei Chen, Xiao Chun Xu, Qiao Qin Xie, Jie Ying Huang

Abstract: Based on the investigation of the characteristics of the waste rocks of Xinqiao pyrite mine in Tongling, the possibility of AMD was...


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