Progress in Environmental Science and Engineering

Volumes 356-360

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yi Fu, Luo Chun Wang, Zhen Zhou

Abstract: Granular activated carbon (GAC) is extensively used to remove natural organic matter and residential chlorine in water treatment process of...

Authors: Jing Cheng Zhou, Hai Bin Chen, Yang Hu, Hao Lan Zhang, Li Ren

Abstract: Municipal solid waste management (MSWM) has consistently improved to keep up with the vast amount of solid waste in urban and rural areas....

Authors: Hui Ping Shao, Ye Ji, Xiao Ting Liu, Zhi Meng Guo

Abstract: The water-based magnetic fluid (WMF) and oil-based magnetic fluid (OMF) were prepared successfully with the iron oxide spent catalyst by...

Authors: Guo Long Gao, Min Hua He

Abstract: Based on analysis of municipal solid waste (MSW) in Shanghai city, a related integrated treatment process of MSW was studied. MSW was...

Authors: Dan Chen, Yang Li, Yun Guo

Abstract: The microwave hydrothermal method was applied in the synthesis of Ni0.5Zn0.5Fe2 O4 ferrite...

Authors: Wei Bin Si, Yong Tao Lv, Xiao Jun Liu

Abstract: Urban sewage recycling is one of the effective ways to improve ecological environment and to alleviate water supply and demand contradiction...

Authors: Wei Bin Si, Yong Tao Lv, Xiao Jun Liu

Abstract: Taking the Weihe River in Baoji area as an example, the paper discusses the contaminants’ (counted with COD) production, treatment capacity,...

Authors: Jian Jun Wang, Zuo Liang Sha, Xue Kui Wang

Abstract: The effects of concentration of cationic polyacrylamide and pH-value on the migration rate of suspended particles have been measured by a...

Authors: Lu Chen, Meng Hui Wang, Rui Bao Jia, Li Li

Abstract: In this study, the indicators assimilable organic carbon (AOC), dissolved organic carbon (DOC), heterotrophic plate counts (HPC) and...

Authors: Ke Ping Chen, Jin Yuan Liu, Bing Xiang Yuan

Abstract: In order to study the effect of dilation angle ψ to the stability of slope, a numerical model was founded in plane strain mode by FLAC3D for...


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