Progress in Environmental Science and Engineering

Volumes 356-360

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wei Wei Mo, Qiong Zhang, Rong Chang Wang

Abstract: Under the rapid growth of world’s economy and population, the demand for water and energy has been increasing accordingly. Moreover, water...

Authors: Shu Hao Huo, Xue Jing Zheng, Zhao Qin Ma

Abstract: The recirculating cooling water treatment process of low carbon & environmental protection adopts advanced design concepts of passive and...

Authors: Ji Ping Ma, Yu Jin Xu, Mou Lv, Hui Xu, Jin Song Li, Jian Jun Wang

Abstract: The water quality chemical stability of Jinan's three waterworks (Quehua, Yuqing and Nanjiao waterworks) was analyzed through determination...

Authors: Hai Lu, Chen Shao

Abstract: By analyzing the present status of water supply system of our country, the concept of subarea of city water supply system is detailed....

Authors: Zhong Yi Cai, He Len Wu, Xiao Li Zhao, Jian Ping Zhang

Abstract: The breathing mechanism of a transverse crack in an elastic shaft has been extensively researched. Although many different crack models have...

Authors: Su Hai

Abstract: During the strong near-source ground motions, adjacent bridge decks often collide each other because of the insufficient separations....

Authors: Nan Li, Feng Tao, Bin Liu

Abstract: Excessive traffic noise is a major environmental complaint in residential areas. This paper investigates a SOA based hierarchical services...

Authors: Rong Fang Li, Chang Yan Li, Chun Hua Hu, Zhen Hua Liu, Chun Jing Guo, Pei Zhang

Abstract: Using the method of GC-ECD detect the residual DDT in the early and late rice from eleven cities of Jiangxi province. The results show that...

Authors: Liang Qian Fan, Qing Yu Zhang, Qi Liu, Zu Cheng Wu, Bo Yu, Wei Li Tian, Ying Xu Chen, Wei Guo Xu

Abstract: The comprehensive assessment of environmental quality is useful for comparison of environmental quality and identification of pollution...

Authors: Hui Xing, Shu Lin Duan, Hong Liang Yu, Qin An Liu

Abstract: o prevent further environmental pollution hazards after the accident of vessel sinking, shipwreck environmental pollution risk evaluation...


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