Progress in Environmental Science and Engineering

Volumes 356-360

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ming Chang, Wei Liu, Xiu Li Zhang, Yong Zhi Ji, Jian Guo Song

Abstract: The purpose is to study the temporal and spatial distribution features of SO2 and its relationship with impact factors such as...

Authors: Wen Bin Chen

Abstract: Reference fuzzy mathematics of fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method, Select a representative indicator of pollutants to establish fuzzy...

Authors: Hai Ping Xiao, Qin Jian Yu, Lei Huang

Abstract: In order to discover reaction mechanism between ammonia and NOx, reaction process of ammonia and NOx was simulated from the point of...

Authors: Zheng Hao Fei, Wei Zhong Shi, Zhong Tang Liu, Jian Chen, Rong Xing, Yun Lan Gu, Gen Cheng Zhang

Abstract: Functional groups modified into adsorption resins were designed based on semiempirical molecular orbital theory, and the newly adsorption...

Authors: Zhi Fen Li, Tai Ling Ma

Abstract: Earthworms have synchronous function in sewage purification, sludge stabilization and reduction. Earthworms used in sewage treatment are...

Authors: Xiao Ni Zhang, Wen Long Wu, Dong Mei Li, Guang Jin Zhao

Abstract: A new rapid evaluation method of reverse osmosis (RO) scale inhibitors based on pH measurement has been reported. Five scale inhibitors,...

Authors: Chao Li, Xiao Yan Zhang, Jun Liang Liu, Ding Ding

Abstract: In this study, we treat rural domestic sewage with the mixture of diatomite and three kinds of coagulant. The result shows that with three...

Authors: Ling Di Chen, Guo Xi Jin, Xiao Bo Wu, Wan Zhong Lang, Da Zhi Sun

Abstract: Abstract.BaTiO3-PVDF(polyvinylidene fluoride) composite ultrafiltration membranes were prepared by a phase separation method.The...

Authors: Jung Pin Wang, Hsi Chi Yang, Chien Te Hsieh

Abstract: This study demonstrates an efficient approach to remove various liquid-phase pollutants from wastewater by using constructed wetland (CW)...

Authors: Zhou Fang Guo, Hua Zhang, Jin Hu, Xiao Wu Huang, Yang Luo

Abstract: Abstract: The concentration of total phosphorus(P-tot) in effluent is an important indicator of the effect of wastewater treatment...


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