Progress in Environmental Science and Engineering

Volumes 356-360

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hai Fei Liu, Min Li, Yan Wei Zhao

Abstract: A typical sub-region of Baiyangdian Lake is selected as the practical study area, which is characterized by irregular geometry and complex...

Authors: Han Min Wang, Xue Li Gao, Bao Wei Su, Cong Jie Gao

Abstract: The polyethersulfone ultra-filtration membrane was prepared by phase inversion method using polyethersulfone(PES), polyethylene glycol...

Authors: Ning Zheng, Chun Fu

Abstract: In recent years, continuous and steady development of livestock breeding in Jiangxi Province, while brings enormous economic benefits to...

Authors: Cheng Long He

Abstract: As hydropower project construction and ecological support systems become more interdependent, new disciplines are needed to assess this...

Authors: Xiao Ming Guo, Ling Kang

Abstract: Lake Dong located in Wuhan is the largest urban lake in China. It has lost ecosystem functions with the economic development in recent...

Authors: Dao Ping Peng, Tao Huang, Chun Xiao Meng

Abstract: In order to investigate the change of internal structure of porous media caused by arsenic deposition, X-ray difference micro-tomography was...

Authors: Chun Fen Zeng, La Chun Wang, Feng Tai Zhang, Wei Wang

Abstract: Abstract. Based on the twenty years’ hydrologic data and water quality materials from the year 2005 to 2010, this article studies the water...

Authors: Xiang Hu Li, Qi Zhang, Min Shao, Yun Liang Li

Abstract: Distributed hydrological models have become the main tool to study the hydrology natural law and solve the hydrology practice question....

Authors: Xiang Yi Ding, Huai Dong Zhou, Yu Hui Wang, Yu Chun Wang

Abstract: Climate change is one of the major global issues commonly concerned by international communities. Taking the Three Gorges Reservoir which is...

Authors: Jun Yao Yang, Lei Lei Zhang

Abstract: There are lots of methods of evaluating the environmental quality of groundwater. Based on a comprehensive analysis of those common methods,...


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