Progress in Environmental Science and Engineering

Volumes 356-360

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiao Yu Li, Xiao Xi Yang, Gang Cheng, Hong Qing Feng, Xiao Jie Liu, Yu Feng Ma

Abstract: The pyrolysis characteristics of oil sludge and coal mixed fuel in an argon atmosphere were studied by thermogravimetric analyzer. Factors...

Authors: Zhi Chen Yang, Lian Di Zhou, Yi Zhong Lv, Hong Li

Abstract: Long-term effects of inorganic and corn stalks organic nutrient sources on yield, soil organic carbon(SOC) and the relationship between crop...

Authors: Zi Song Yang

Abstract: The niche breadths and niche overlaps of Selaginella pulvinata and of other several main species of the herbaceous layer were measured at...

Authors: Li Min Zou, Jian Hua Li, De Gang Jiang, Yu Lai Wang

Abstract: The indoor experimental study was on a large common species of filamentous green algae in the North Lake beach of Chongming Island -...

Authors: Dan Su, Nian Lai Chen, Tian Peng Gao, Chun Yan Wang, Hong Mei Sheng, Cai Ling Yang

Abstract: We evaluated the effects of silicon , potassium, and calcium on the salt-tolerant plant Halocnemum strobilaceum (Pal.l) Bie under salt...

Authors: Hui Mei Sun, Wei Jun Tian

Abstract: The wetland, known as the kidney of the earth, together with the forest and the ocean are called three main ecosystems of globe. As a result...

Authors: Raja Zuraidah Raja Mohd Rasi, Amir Abdekhodaee, Romesh Nagarajah

Abstract: In this paper we investigate key causal linkages in proactive environmental practices based on an empirical study of 232 Malaysian Small and...

Authors: Bei Bei Zhu, Dao Sheng Wang, Yuan Yuan Cao, Xin Yun Tang, Ri Mao Hua, Tao Zhong Shi

Abstract: For researching ecological behaviors of Cupriavidus taiwanensis X1 which has strong hydrolysis activity on chlorpyrifos(CP), reporter gene...

Authors: Feng Gang Dai, Xiao Gang Fu, Huan Jie Cai

Abstract: In this paper, based on the healthy development of ecological environment in the Loess Plateau area , proposed 18 indices of ecological...

Authors: Feng Gang Dai, Huan Jie Cai

Abstract: Ecological and environmental problems become very complex due to regional differences, there are some differences in the concept and the...


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