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Authors: Ji Zhao, Hui Min, Yu Qin Shao, Zi Long Zhao, Qi Ming Guo, Yu Xin Cui
Chapter 14: Environmental Protection
Abstract:This research is to study the distributive characteristics of soil microorganisms at river wetland on Mongolian Plateau in Inner Mongolia....
Authors: Guang Xu Yan, Yi Bin Weng, Lei Chang, Ze Xin Chen, Shao Hui Guo
Chapter 14: Environmental Protection
Abstract:Oil field exploitations have a considerable impact on environmental security. The method of oil field environmental security evaluation...
Authors: Yi Bin Weng, Guang Xu Yan, Lei Chang, Shao Hui Guo
Chapter 14: Environmental Protection
Abstract:Oil field exploitations effected the environmental security, so the mehtod of oil field environmental security early warning should be...
Authors: Jun Li Kang
Chapter 14: Environmental Protection
Abstract:Acorus gramineus Soland., Canna chineresisw, Calla palustris., Rhododendron simsii, Aspidistra elatior and Chamaedorea elegans, were rooted...
Authors: Shan Shan Su, Yong Lu, Yang Hui
Chapter 14: Environmental Protection
Abstract:Although there were many studies focused on the PCDD/Fs emissions from different incinerators, but the emissions in a whole plant have seldom...
Authors: He Chun Zhao, Shao Dong Xie
Chapter 14: Environmental Protection
Abstract:In order to control regional acid deposition pollution, it is necessary to determine scientific regional control targets for atmospheric acid...
Authors: Xuan Zhou, Miao Zuo, Guang Tian Deng, Chun Fang Zhou
Chapter 14: Environmental Protection
Abstract:Based on the review of some typical secrete industry discharges in China in recent years, the characteristics of secrete discharge are...
Authors: Yi Cheng Fu, Ben Qing Ruan, Feng Ran Xu
Chapter 14: Environmental Protection
Abstract:On the basis of generalizing the conception of river ecological compensation(eco- compensation) reasonably, according to river...
Authors: Xiao Yang Chen, Jia Ping Yan, Xiu Fang Yang
Chapter 14: Environmental Protection
Abstract:Abstract. Efficient full use of fly ash is still an important issue which has been troubled by the developing countries like China, and a...
Authors: Xin Jun Wang, Ya Ping Kong, Ji Ding Chen, Xue Xin Liu
Chapter 14: Environmental Protection
Abstract:The present status about wastewater treatment at highway affiliated facilities of China including characteristics of wastewater and treatment...
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