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Authors: Chun Rong Li, Abao Wei, Tao Chen
Chapter 14: Environmental Protection
Abstract:Corn, sunflower and alfalfa were taken as remediation plants. Their phytoremediation and degradation kinetic of petroleum were investigated...
Authors: Jian Li Zhao, Xiao Tao Wan, Yu Tao Xu, Ming Ming Wang, Ying Jie Li
Chapter 15: Plant Protection
Abstract:The feasibility of sintering red mud as wet desulphurization sorbent was studied in this paper. The comparative study of desulphurization...
Authors: Cheng Chen Pan, Lin De Liu, Ha Lin Zhao, Xue Yong Zhao, Li Zhang, Li Juan Wang, Xing Jun Jia
Chapter 15: Plant Protection
Abstract:The pollen–ovule ratios, pollen fertility rate, pollen viability and longevity, pollen histochemistry of Robinia pseudoacacia flowers were...
Authors: Hui Wang, Zhi Ying Wang, Wei Ma, Xiao Bing Han, Ling Ma
Chapter 15: Plant Protection
Abstract:We adopt the soakage extracting method and ultrasonic extracting method to extract insecticidal and antimicrobial active ingredients from...
Authors: Shu Li Wang, Ning Ning Fan
Chapter 15: Plant Protection
Abstract:The effects of four management measures (A: All broad-leaved trees and shrubs were cut, B: All broad-leaved trees were cut, C: All shrubs...
Authors: Yang Fan Gao, Ming Wang Shi, Jian Hua Wang
Chapter 15: Plant Protection
Abstract:In this article, we studied to different concentrations of MCPA to creeping bentgrass Growth. Through the creeping bentgrass in four...
Authors: Yu Hong Wu, Xu Cheng, Qing Nian Cai, Chao Wen Lin
Chapter 15: Plant Protection
Abstract:In laboratory bioassay, conducted to study the allelopathic influence of aqueous extracts (0, 2.5, 5.0, 7.5, 10.0% concentration) of twelve...
Authors: De Wen Li, Mei Lan Li, Xiao Xue Wei
Chapter 15: Plant Protection
Abstract:In the study, the gas exchange parameters and chlorophyll contents of the leaves of Taxus chinensis var. mairei exposed to exogenous nitric...
Authors: Zhi Hong Huang, Yun Gang Wang
Chapter 15: Plant Protection
Abstract:It was the first time the survey of entomopathogenic fungi infecting aphids was conducted in this subtropical - tropical region, a great...
Authors: Liu Qing Yang, Fei Yong Liao, Kun Zhao
Chapter 15: Plant Protection
Abstract:Solidago canadensis L. was treated with metsulfuron-methyl, fluroxypyr and iso-propyl glyphosate. The photosynthetic rate and chlorophyll...
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