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Authors: Ji Zhao, Yu Qin Shao, Zi Long Zhao, Zheng Min Li, Xiao Tong Wu, Jing Yu Li
Chapter 14: Environmental Protection
Abstract:In this study, the composition and distribution of dominant soil filamentous microbes , such as fungi and actinomycetes, at dry lake wetland...
Authors: Fei Lin Hao, Ting Ting Dong, Ming Wei Shen
Chapter 14: Environmental Protection
Abstract:In order to study the effectiveness of aerobic units in removing oxytetracycline(OTC) and explore the effective method to measure OTC in...
Authors: Xin Wang Xu, Gen Xing Pan, Peng Cheng Hou
Chapter 14: Environmental Protection
Abstract:Abstract:Carbon storage and sequestration is considered to be an important issue in study of terrestrial C cycling and global climatic...
Authors: Yan Peng Jiao, Ting Zhang
Chapter 14: Environmental Protection
Abstract:This paper will compare and evaluate the protection mechanism about boundary water environment between China and Canada, through the...
Authors: Ji Zhao, Yu Qin Shao, Zi Long Zhao, Fang Liu, Hui Zhou, Zheng Min Li
Chapter 14: Environmental Protection
Abstract:Soil fungi and actinomycetes, in floodplain wetland on Inner Mongolian Plateau were measured through Spread-Plate-Technique; the divergent...
Authors: Hong Yun, Chang Jian Lin, Qun Jie Xu
Chapter 14: Environmental Protection
Abstract:Anatase of TiO2films were supplied on the surface of 316L stainless steel by a sol–gel process followed by hydrothermal treatment...
Authors: Yu Lin Song, Chwen Yu, Feng Chang Chuang, Ying Cheng Tseng, Jyun Yu Zou, Sen Gui Shsu, Tzyh Ghuang Ma, Tzong Lin Wu, Luh Maan Chang
Chapter 14: Environmental Protection
Abstract:We present optimal permutation with 2.5-D power transmission lines system to reduce electro-magnetic influence at high technology nano-Fab....
Authors: Mu Lan Zhu, Long Yan Cai, Wen Zhi Cao, Quan Lin Zhou
Chapter 14: Environmental Protection
Abstract:The thermal discharge from the Houshi power plant has been increased continuously with the increase in power supply. In order to understand...
Authors: Yun Hai Cheng, Xin Shan Guo, Fu Xing Jiang, Zhi Liang Fu
Chapter 14: Environmental Protection
Abstract:Stress-strain relationship of waste body under different side pressures, water contents and particle fractions are investigated in this...
Authors: Ren Xin Zhao, Wei Guo, Wen Hui Sun, Shi Lei Xue, Bo Gao, Wen Sun
Chapter 14: Environmental Protection
Abstract:The pollution status and total concentration of soil heavy metals were analyzed around Baotou tailing reservoir located in Inner Mongolia...
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