Progress in Environmental Science and Engineering

Volumes 356-360

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Lin Sheng Huang, Qing Song Guan, Yan Sheng Dong, Dong Yan Zhang, Wen Jiang Huang, Dong Liang

Abstract: Drought is one of the major natural disasters in China, it has extremely affected national food security. In this study, Normalized...

Authors: Ke Feng, Peng Huang, Wen Yi Zhang

Abstract: For the characteristics of remote sensing satellite data, this paper adopts spatial information services of open source PostgreSQL database...

Authors: Guang Bin Ma, Wen Yi Zhang, Peng Huang

Abstract: This paper studies the multi-satellites data fast acquisition programming technology for disaster area, and in this paper a disaster...

Authors: Gang Fang, Jian Yong Chen, Juan Yang, Qiang Zhao, Hai Min Su

Abstract: The article takes 2 TM images as the data source, supported by the Fragstats 3.3 and the ENVI 4.7 softwares, two remote sensing images are...

Authors: Gang Fang, Juan Yang, Hai Min Su

Abstract: The paper,mainly using 3 scenery TM remote sensing images of Landsat satellite and 1 scenery ETM+ remote sensing image, carried...

Authors: Zong Hui Wang, Shu Su Shi, Li Cheng Yu, Wen Zhi Chen

Abstract: FCD-based traffic navigation system is getting more and more attention from countries all over the world. Shortest path algorithm is one of...

Authors: Han Wen Cui, Qi Gang Jiang

Abstract: Based on the RS and GIS technology, the remote sensing imageries MSS in 1975, ETM in 2000 and CBERS-2 in 2007 have been used as main data...

Authors: Yan Chao Wang, Ji Long Zhang, Zhi Bin Wang, Jian Sheng Yang

Abstract: Remote sensing technology can be used to quickly extract macro information of the study area, and its advantages in monitoring water...

Authors: Fen Fen Guo, Jian Rong Fan, Wen Qian Zang, Fei Liu, Huai Zhen Zhang

Abstract: The vacancy of hyperspectral image (HSI) in China is made up by HJ-1A satellite, which makes more study and application possible. But...

Authors: Pan Zhang, Wei Ying Sun, Zhi Zong Tian, Bao Sen Zhang

Abstract: ADCP is convenient for field measurements , But the work of data extraction is heavy , and the flow field distribution map and topographic...


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