Progress in Environmental Science and Engineering

Volumes 356-360

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Si Ruo Zhang, Tie Jian Zhang, Jun Liang Liu, Yan Li

Abstract: To solve the problem of huge investment and high difficulty of individually treating landfill leachate, the experiment adopted...

Authors: Cheng Chen Pan, Lin De Liu, Ha Lin Zhao, Xue Yong Zhao, Yue Li Hou, Li Zhang, Ji Liang Liu

Abstract: The pollen–ovule ratios, pollen fertility rate, pollen viability and longevity, pollen histochemistry of Calligonum mongolicum flowers were...

Authors: Zhi Min Zhou

Abstract: Based on the background of construct the national grain strategy project of Henan province core and construct Zhongyuan Economic Zone,...

Authors: Ya Ning Wang, Zhi Dong Bao, Shi Mi Peng, Xiao Rui Li

Abstract: Abstract. Beizhong Oilfield is one of the hydrocarbon enrichment zones in Hailar Basin, whose key layer Nan1 Formation mainly develops fan...

Authors: Yan Ran Huang, Zhi Huan Zhang, Ji Yong Liu

Abstract: On Lower Yangtze region source rocks of Permian and the Lower Triassic activation energy distribution suggests that source rocks experienced...

Authors: Chun Ming Zhang

Abstract: Based on the identification of rock slice and cast thin sections, the observation of scanning electron microscopy, the technology of high...

Authors: Dai Yong Cao, Zhong Yue Lin, Zhi Hong Zheng, Jie Qing Tan

Abstract: The diversity of coal basins and the late intensive reformation of coal regulations are the remarkable characteristics of Chinese coalfield...

Authors: Yang Li, Qing Bin Xie, Xiao Min Zhu, Fen Liu

Abstract: With comprehensive utilization of drilling, logging and seismic data, research was conducted on the sequence stratigraphic models of...

Authors: Li Chang Wang, Zhi Zhang Wang, Guo Tao

Abstract: Abstract. Domestic oil-gas fields are almost approaching production tail, and an increasing number of non-traditional oil-gas reservoirs are...

Authors: Zi Zhen Wang, Ri He Wang, Yu Huan Bu, Xun Shan

Abstract: Crack universally existing underground is an important kind of pores. In order to study the elastic wave propagation in fractured medium...


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