Progress in Environmental Science and Engineering

Volumes 356-360

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Kai Jian Yang, Yao Zhi Huang

Abstract: This article analyses the impact of urbanization, industrialization, modernization of agriculture on the rural area space pattern in the...

Authors: Yu Ji Zhao, Jun Qian Li, Yi Dong Cai, Da Meng Liu, Yan Bin Yao

Abstract: The Boli basin has coalbed methane (CBM) resource of 57×108m3 at a coal-bearing area of about 7200km2....

Authors: Wen Jin Yu, Xin Qing Zou

Abstract: The heavy metal Pb、Cu、Zn 、Cr content of surface samples and pillar samples in different geography of core sanctuary in XINYANGGANG tidal...

Authors: Fang Ling Fan, Chao Fu Wei, Shuai Yin

Abstract: Land Consolidation Project (LCP), as a kind of drastic disturbance by human intentional activities, significantly changes landscape pattern....

Authors: Xiu Qing Zhao

Abstract: The article firstly proposes the concepts of urban modernization and village in city, then elaborating the characteristic of villages in...

Authors: Pei Chao Zheng, Yu Dai, Jin Mei Wang, Ke Ming Liu

Abstract: Electron behaviors in the whole cathode space of a steady argon MHCD with a variable cathode gap have been simulated on the model of Monte...

Authors: Bo Yang, Jian Ping Chen

Abstract: This paper proposed a system used to survey and evaluate mineral environment of Beijing. In the system, RS mineral environment surveying,...

Authors: Ai Qing Ma, Zhou Sheng Zhang

Abstract: Along with the structural miniaturization and three-phase-in-one-tank of GIS, the Electrical performance of disk-type insulator in GIS...

Authors: Yu Hang Zhang, Xing Yan Li, Zhi Feng Yan

Abstract: According to interpreted cautiously with 2D and 3D seismic profiles, the typical transfer zone was identified in No.Ⅱ fault zone of TaZhong...

Authors: Qiang Yi Tang, Cheng Kai Tang

Abstract: Sustainable development which is proposed after humans experience numerous punishment and disaster from the environment is provided with the...


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