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Authors: Yan Qi Chi, Shao Dong Xie
Chapter 14: Environmental Protection
Abstract:To estimate the biogenic volatile organic compound (BVOC) emissions in China, this study collected data on vegetation volume, production and...
Authors: Li Xue, Ying Zhi Cheng, Xiu Yu Sun
Chapter 14: Environmental Protection
Abstract:Using cadmium acetate and sodium sulfuret as Cd and S sources, CdS samples were synthesized by chemical precipitation method. The conditions...
Authors: Bo Qu
Chapter 14: Environmental Protection
Abstract:Obligation erga omnes is the obligation to the international community as a whole. The concept was initially expounded in the Barcelona...
Authors: Tai Lv, Bin Li, Ting Ting Zhou
Chapter 14: Environmental Protection
Abstract:The study effort was in progress through a thermogravimetric analyzer which export experimental data for construction pyrogenation dynamic...
Authors: Yun Hai Zhang, Yang Feng Wang, Yan Jun Ma
Chapter 14: Environmental Protection
Abstract:Based on meteorology and environment monitoring data in January, 2008 in Liaoning central region, a typical haze weather process was...
Authors: Jian Ping Wu, Pan Ying, Pei Yuan Tan, Tao Liu
Chapter 14: Environmental Protection
Abstract:Acid rain is one of the global environmental problems that have become a very serious issue especially in southern China. Calcium ions are...
Authors: Li Zhang, Cui Cui Li
Chapter 14: Environmental Protection
Abstract:17β-estradiol(E2) has estrogenic activity at very low concentrations and are emerging as a major concern for water quality. Great endeavors...
Authors: Lian Yuan Wang, Meng Meng Ma, Xiao Chun Hu, Guo Min Zuo, Hai Yan Zhu, Hai Rong Tang, Zhen Xing Cheng, Hong Hai Zhao
Chapter 14: Environmental Protection
Abstract:Oxidation of chemical warfare agents (CWAs) such as Sulfur Oxidation of chemical warfare agents (CWAs) such as Sulfur Mustard (HD) and Soman...
Authors: Li Yi Ye, Xiao Xuan Zhang, Ying Wu Yin, Song Tu, Yong Sha
Chapter 14: Environmental Protection
Abstract:The performance of activated carbon (AC) adsorption process for the treatment of a simulated wastewater of fuchsin basic dye was...
Authors: Yi Xia Tao, Xue Hua Zhang
Chapter 14: Environmental Protection
Abstract:Abstract. According to the meaning of ecological civilization, we build an evaluation index system of ecological civilization...
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