Progress in Environmental Science and Engineering

Volumes 356-360

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xue Lan Sun, Chun Hong Hu, Jing Qi Xie

Abstract: The paper analyses the affecting factors of river health points that river channel health is the key and foundation of river health. It...

Authors: Qi Qi Wei, Bei Yue Tan

Abstract: photovoltaic system, optimum tilted angle, siphon principle, water treatment Abstract. Based on the recent research at home and abroad and...

Authors: Chun Ying Long

Abstract: Consideding the current status of the planting of highway’s central segregation area,the article gives suggestions to the design...

Authors: R.B. Dagang, S. Lau, A.K. Sayok

Abstract: This paper is to predict dominant factors influencing temporal sedimentation rates at Loagan Bunut Lake using best-fit model of...

Authors: Jin Hua Wang, Wu Xian Zhang, Guo Lian Lai, Yu Bo Zhao, Biao Li, Li Ping Zhang, Zhi Xiong

Abstract: Effects of Rhizobium inoculation on plant height (PH), leaf area (LA), leaf net photosynthesis (Pn), leaf transpiration rate (Tr) and water...

Authors: Chao Zhang, Sha Xue, Guo Bin Liu, Chang Sheng Zhang

Abstract: Abandoning cropland to enable recovery of the natural vegetation has been implemented during the past decade to restore the soil quality in...

Authors: Fei Fan Zhang, Hua Yong Zhang, Tou Sheng Huang

Abstract: From the holistic perspective, a new dynamic model is proposed in this research to investigate the interaction between vegetation growth and...

Authors: Hai Bin Chen, Zhi Biao Chen, Kun Huang, Zhi Qiang Chen

Abstract: The evaluation of soil fertility in Zhuxi watershed was studied based on the methods of Geostatistics and GIS. The results showed that the...

Authors: Chun Ying Long

Abstract: The research object is slop near Yingrui highway, we mainly used oven drying method, combined with TDR, carrying out different vegetation...

Authors: Zi Chao Zhao, Wen Nian Xu, Dong Xia

Abstract: Taking four types of slopes as test objects this paper measured their, soil nutrient and soil enzyme activity. The results showed that...


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