Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture Innovation

Volumes 368-373

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Qi Song, Xiao Jie Zhang

Abstract: Energy performance contracting plays a key role in improving the building energy-efficiency in China. This paper introduces the current...

Authors: Hui Cheng, Jia Ping Liu, Da Long Liu, Fang Wei Tang, Yun Gang An

Abstract: Based on the recognition of original defective residential housing environment in Daping village, constructional measures were improved and...

Authors: Xiao Hua Guo, Lei Zhang

Abstract: This paper discusses the development trend of urban residences in the future from residential energy conservation, sustainable development,...

Authors: Sheng Guo Ding, Ting Ding, Qi Wen Li, Ze Ming Wang

Abstract: An electrical experiment on the full-scale model is conducted. Distribution of temperature stress and strain for the cast-in-site concrete...

Authors: Bin Qi Ma, De Wei Wang

Abstract: The thermal environment of gymnasium is usually affected by many exterior environmental factors, including architecture layout, building...

Authors: Gang Chen, Xiao Chun Liu

Abstract: As we enter 21st century, the environmental problem is increasingly prominent. Chinese urban residence construction stands in the transition...

Authors: Tao Wen

Abstract: The spirit of University is recognized ideal, faith, value and principal of behavior, which is stably and distinctively developed in the...

Authors: Jun Tao Wang, Hui Xiao, Liang Wang

Abstract: This paper first discusses the background and significance of color environment design of Beijing city, and points out the need to carry out...

Authors: Hu Peng, Yu Liu, Ying Le Zhang, Meng Qi Tan, Chao Gan

Abstract: In recent years, sustainable building has been attracting increasingly more interests and attention in the world; as the same time, it is...

Authors: Hong Guo Ren, Gui Wen Li, Xiu Mu Fang

Abstract: In order to satisfy the requirement of villages indoor thermal amenity in winter in cold district in north of china, thermal performance of...


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