Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture Innovation

Volumes 368-373

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hong Yi, Xiao Bo Tang

Abstract: In view of the problem existing in the process of ecological construction, the overemphasis on the ecological techniques rather than the...

Authors: Peng Yue, Jia Ping Liu, Bin Zhou, Yi Xuan Lu, Ashley Xin Zhang

Abstract: Problems such as poor indoor environment, pollution to the surrounding environment and waste of water and power universally exist in the...

Authors: Xiao Hu, Yong Tao Gao

Abstract: .In this paper, seismic behaviors of the frame-shear wall structure, which are composed of the concrete filled steel tubular (CFST) column,...

Authors: Jun Liu, Wei Xian Zhang

Abstract: Along with the development of society and the popularity of private cars, more and more parking lots are to be needed. Consequently, large...

Authors: Fan Li, Xiao Min Wang

Abstract: This paper starts with the current development of urban-rural integration planning concerning resource-based towns in Northern Shaanxi....

Authors: Hui Liu, Hui Gao, Da Wan

Abstract: SD (Solar Decathlon) attaches great importance to the full utilization of solar energy in buildings, while emphasizing new materials, new...

Authors: Ruo Zhu Wang, Yong Mei Qian, Wei Mo

Abstract: The paper introduces the measures about water efficiency and applying water resources in the design of urban resident plan and analyzes...

Authors: Zhu Hui Zhang, Tao Feng, Wen Yan Pan

Abstract: The article is based on the investigation of traditional dwellings in Guanzhong region. Combining with the ecological architectural...

Authors: Jian Fu, Jun Jie Zhang, Yu Ge Li, Yao Jie Li, Zi Shuai Xu, Ke Dong Tang

Abstract: The paper analyzes the design characteristics of the gorilla building from the aspects of design concept, plane design, space design and...

Authors: Xiao Min Wang, Fan Li

Abstract: Facing the current rapid development of economic and the constantly renewal of urban appearance, this article discusses the ideas about...


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