Advances in Civil Engineering and Architecture Innovation

Volumes 368-373

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Jun Hao, Zhe Tao Xiao

Abstract: The environment creates the person. The different architecture style reflects the different environment. It has important significance to...

Authors: Li Jun Hao, Zhe Tao Xiao

Abstract: The research object of this paper is Xi'an residential architecture. On the base of surveying evolution of its regional style, the paper...

Authors: Ze Li, Tian Jie Zhang

Abstract: The paper investigates the urban form transformations of Chinese cities in the past three decades. Through literature review, it explores...

Authors: Ying Cao, Jin Peng Yang

Abstract: This paper aims to discuss design methods to reproduce traditional architectures through typology research by engineering teaching group of...

Authors: Xing Ma, Julie E. Mills, Graham Brown, Zhu Ge Yan

Abstract: In this paper, transmission line systems are modeled as multi-span cable structures. A force method model is proposed for analysing the...

Authors: Ying Wang

Abstract: This paper is to analyze the feature of combination of foreign and local elements in architecture and summarize the creative methods applied...

Authors: Jun Zhang, Da Ping Liu, Yi Zhang

Abstract: This article analyzes the artistic characteristics of Harbin Middle East Railway employees’ apartments from the aspects of abundant...

Authors: Yu Li, Jun Wang, Wen He Cui

Abstract: According to analyzing the basic pattern of construction resources in arid area, this paper summaries a series of coping strategies about...

Authors: Yu Chun Zheng, Chun Mei Yan

Abstract: It is an important prerequisite for the profound understanding of traditional architecture culture to analyze the changes of traditional...

Authors: Jia Yi Jia, Ling Jin, Li Hua Zhao

Abstract: In this paper, the present usage of natural ventilation of rural residential buildings in ChaoShan area is in-depth studied through the...


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